What parliament is actually doing

The back and forth over the way the government will conduct the marriage equality plebiscite, sorry postal ballot, sorry, postal survey has dominated political reporting this week, but while the government has tied itself in constitutional and regulatory knots, there's been a lot else going on in Parliament this week:

Energy company confab

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull loves meetings with energy companies -- this week it was all about how to keep bills down for Australian consumers. While the meeting did nothing to address structural issues around Australia's energy mix, the PM did get commitments from the energy retailers to inform customers when they come to the end of a discounted deal "in plain English" and that customers on hardship plans shouldn't be taken off discounted offers. The PM, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and Treasurer Scott Morrison all hailed the meeting's outcome as giving power back to consumers, but the energy companies had a demand of their own. They want certainty on the clean energy target recommended by the Finkel Review -- the only recommendation from the review that hasn't been agreed to by the government so far.