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Aug 11, 2017

Turnbull’s eager to move on from marriage equality. Shorten … not so much.

The Prime Minister was keen to get away from discussing marriage equality this week and portray Bill Shorten as a crook. Shorten had other ideas.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Shorten SSM speech

The Prime Minister was in a hurry to move on from marriage equality this week. Having declared he would be too busy to actually campaign for a Yes vote in either a proper plebiscite — an option that was knocked off by lunchtime Wednesday — or the junk mail survey, he wanted to get onto more substantive issues. The actual details of the ABS’ mega marriage survey had not been — still have not been — resolved, but Turnbull, doubtless conscious of the criticism that obsessing over marriage equality made it look like the government was out of touch with voters, wanted to get on with other things.

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11 thoughts on “Turnbull’s eager to move on from marriage equality. Shorten … not so much.

  1. Bill Hilliger

    The Coalition hoped its trade union royal commission would destroy him (Beel Shortin), but apart from denting his never-spectacular popularity with voters for a few months and embarrassing him over some years-late political donations — something that’s a little hard for the Liberal Party to ever complain about. Meanwhile in the present how much did the LNP / IPA Murdoch government know about the CBA illegal activities? Some unkind persons are saying a lot, that is a lot more than they’re letting on. Proof of the pudding will be the size of the corporate fines, if any. No one at CBA senior levels is taking any blame. Look over there Beel Shortin and da Union thugs.

    1. Chris Days

      The LNP cannot have a royal commission on banks since Turnbull as ex-CEO of a merchant bank would be called to account for his actions

  2. Barbara Haan

    Junk mail survey sums it up nicely.

  3. form1planet

    I understand the motivation for Shorten to pin responsibility for hateful comments on Turnbull (I feel the same way), but I hope it doesn’t lead to a situation where vile homophobic trolling gets repeated and emphasised because Labor want to make political mileage out of it.

  4. 124C4U

    Looks like “Strong Leader” Mal Talkbull has borrowed Don Chumps campaign advisor and playbook.

  5. klewso

    “Chuckles” Cash? More “Cackles”?
    As for “Boob Bill” – why don’t they go after those parties/politicians that have benefited from the rape of the Darling (in – as Cackles might say – “gigglelitres” and $tax-payer), or the corruption of NSW waste disposal with the same alacrity? How many $million will that run too?
    Consider the amounts involved there : compared to what they chose?

    1. 124C4U

      Love the gigglelitres Klewso.
      But she is spunky isn’t she?

      1. klewso

        I’m not into S&M.

        1. klewso

          But I’m not into beatings.

  6. AR

    Apart from the telling tin-pot dictator mistake of claiming oneself to be a “strong leader” it should be remembered that he also claimed that “… he was going to be PM for a long time” – not quite in the Bokassa/Mobutu “President for Life” but close enough to suggest he’s already slipped the last mooring on the pier of sanity.
    No sane person would subject himself daily/hourly to so much utterly unnecessary humiliation & denigration (from his “colleagues”) while at the same time failing to achieve a single thing that he once claimed to believe in.
    A poltroon drowning in a puddle of piss & puke.