I’m the proud father of a couple of magnificent specimens -- school leavers, entering the world, making their way. They did, however, make a minor gaffe recently that had me scratching my head -- they had their water cut off. Can’t afford the bills? No. They seem to have missed the parental lesson where I was supposed to impart knowledge of the joys of mail collection -- that concept whereby someone comes home from a day on the moors and checks the mailbox on the way in to see if they have a card from a long-time friend, or more realistically an informative missive detailing the impending cut-off of the water supply. I have personally spoken to other parents who are scratching their heads upon learning that they too have neglected to pass on the concept of mail collection. And don’t even ask me to describe the time I saw someone pressing a stamp and wondering why it kept falling off an envelope. It appears that the concept of licking the thing was gone in the mists of time.

So why am I continuing to read statements telling me that the government is going to conduct a plebiscite on marriage equality by post? The price tag seems to have fallen from $170 million for a full plebiscite to a postal survey costing $122 million, but is a postal return the best option?