Aug 11, 2017

Matthewson: don’t give homophobes a platform in marriage ‘debate’

If you wouldn’t uncritically air the views of anti-vaxxers or climate change conspiracists, you should avoid lending credibility to those who would demonise gays or reframe marriage equality as an attack on free speech.

Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

And so it has begun. The bile and filth that the LGTBI community and its supporters feared would be thrown at them in the name of a “public debate” on marriage equality has commenced.

On Thursday ABC breakfast host Michael Rowland tweeted a sample of the hate mail he’s received while covering the issue, a postcard featuring a rainbow coloured cupcake on one side and an ALL CAPS rant about sodomites and ABC bias on the other.

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9 thoughts on “Matthewson: don’t give homophobes a platform in marriage ‘debate’

  1. leon knight

    “Political Correctness” means many things to different people, but “political incorrectness” has a clear definition…Tony Abbott.

  2. Mike M

    So the man that delivered us a bunch of cross benchers of dubious value, via a ridiculous double dissolution election, is now asking us to endure an unnecessary and hurtful debate that will soon descend into the kind of culture war that Abbott and his type relish. Whatever the outcome, the judgement of Turnbull will once again be exposed as deeply flawed…….and all of this, because the LNP membership base has diverged steadily away from mainstream thinking.

    1. MJM

      “… the judgement of Turnbull will once again be exposed as deeply flawed…” We cannot say we were not warned. Paul Keating told us that Turnbull lacked judgement.

  3. Anto

    Seriously, the media especially need to stop calling this farce a ‘vote’, which sort of implies the government is actually taking it seriously. It’s nothing more than a ‘postal survey’ and a ‘statistical collection’ (quoting the ABS press release) and is no fait accompli. Whether or not it leads to a free vote in parliament is a decision that still remains with the arsehat politicians.

  4. Duncan Gilbey

    If we are relying on the media for respectful and balanced debate, we are well and truly rooted.

    1. lykurgus

      Yep – pass the Vas, will you?

  5. AR

    I think that Abbottrocious has hit on a winner with advocating ‘no’ to guard against PC, ensure freedom of speech & religion.
    The people who would listen to him at all will be convinced by those magic words.
    Boycott is the only defense. The Bigot Brigade has already stated that they will not vote for legislation that affronts them.

  6. old greybearded one

    What a collection of scum the Christian right are. The way that they attack gays, would if turned on them produce howls of rage. Would they promote freedom to attack Christianity? I am not a fan of political correctness. I also decry the gutless pandering of the media who pussyfoot around obvious wrongs. There is no second opinion on some things, they are just wrong. Destroying the natural environment is wrong, stealing scarce water is wrong. Persecuting people for their religion is wrong, unless they are breaking the secular law. I personally think the institution of marriage has been so cheapened by instant divorce, lack of parental responsibility and lawyers that it is almost non existent. It pisses me of that those who are married get no recognition of their commitment. I do not object to gay marriages, I object to the cheapening of long lasting relationships of all kinds. I would rather see a devoted gay couple than the multiple partners I see everywhere.

  7. klewso

    More “Howard’s Bottlers”.

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