Aug 9, 2017

Turnbull has a peculiar talent for pretending to love things he hates, including the postal plebiscite

The PM was excited and smooth-talking at the press conference where he announced the marriage equality postal plebiscite.

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

Sometimes it seems as if Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has an “on/off” switch, and when it comes to announcing government decisions that contradict his previously held convictions, the switch is firmly set to “on”.


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9 thoughts on “Turnbull has a peculiar talent for pretending to love things he hates, including the postal plebiscite

  1. Roger Clifton

    Integrity? It was the integrity of The Greens that brought us the carbon tax, as their price to join the Green-Labor coalition government. Julia would have lost less skin if she had spelled out “No Labor Government I lead shall ….”

    1. Nudiefish

      *eye roll*

      Yes, this is all about Julia….

      1. AR

        … and Dodger’s beloved nukes – he can allude to them no matter the topic under discussion.
        Quite a talent, however misapplied.

    2. Andrew Malzard

      ….and Julia did say, quite clearly, she would introduce an emissions trading scheme in her next term of government. There was no doubt about her long term vision. Vision? Now that is something no Conservative Prime Minister as ever had, including Turnbull.

  2. Alan Carpenter

    I am sure this ‘peculiar talent’ is a consequence of MT’s time as a barrister. Then he could and would have advocated for any position no matter how objectionable as long as he was instructed to do so by his client. This would not have troubled his conscience at all. Its not too hard to work out who the clients are these days, and for Malcolm its business as usual.

    Our Malcolm needs to remember he is the Prime Minister and leader of this country, and NOT a barrister delivering on a brief.

  3. klewso

    He’s a lawyer ffs.

  4. AR

    Being a brief means having no beliefs, just bloviating for cash.

  5. 124C4U

    Mal Talkbull,
    I recon he hasn’t had a principle since he left highschool.

  6. Zarathrusta

    Would you expect anything more from an invertebrate?

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