Aug 8, 2017

The govt agency that could stop what is happening on Manus, yet chooses not to

Comcare is a workplace regulator with serious teeth. So why is it not doing more to stop what is happening on Manus Island?

Greg Barns — Barrister and writer

Greg Barns

Barrister and writer

Could Comcare end the Manus Island destruction?

Imagine if somewhere in Australia the wreckers moved in to demolish a building, turned off the power and water and removed the furniture while people were still living there. Rightly, there would be calls for the government to stop this inhumanity. There would be calls for an investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the demolition by the workplace regulator.


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6 thoughts on “The govt agency that could stop what is happening on Manus, yet chooses not to

  1. zut alors

    Comcare comes under the Minister for Employment’s portfolio. The prospect of Michaelia Cash allowing a spoke to be put in the government’s wheel is unlikely.

    And where is the humane response from Labor re this disgusting scenario on Manus?

  2. Karen

    Well said, Greg! There should eventually be a royal commission that spearheads prosecution and civil action by detainees.

  3. AR

    Not so much hoist by the own petard as stepped in their own pet turd.
    No care, all irresponsibility could be their net election slogan, at least it has one more word than usual.
    Are we reaching the point where we need a Royal Commission in …err Australia? Something like, “Why?”.

    1. AR

      ..as well as “their next election slogan”.

    2. klewso

      Maybe into just the Limited News Party?

      1. klewso

        From Jethro and Turbott up?

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