Trump Turnbull

Even when said in jest, there must a particularly icy sweat coating the brow of anyone to whom Donald Trump can say "you're worse than I am" with any grain of truth. This is one of the key phrases our media has latched onto in its coverage of the full transcripts -- leaked by The Washington Post -- of that infamous call concerning Australia's refugee resettlement deal with the US.

The 24-minute conversation has a rambling, surreal quality of any Trump experiment with language (he describes himself as "the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country"), and his hazy acquaintance with sentence structure seems to rub off on the usually eloquent Turnbull when, according to the transcript, he says "So we would rather take a not very attractive guy that help you out then to take a Noble [sic] Peace Prize winner that comes by boat. That is the point."