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Aug 4, 2017

News Corp cost-cutting hints its figures next week are going to be very ugly

News Corp Australia has announced more cost-saving measures at its businesses in the lead-up to its financial results next week, write Glenn Dyer and Emily Watkins

The cost-cutting at News Corp’s Australian operations continues without a break in the lead-up to its quarterly results next week.

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6 thoughts on “News Corp cost-cutting hints its figures next week are going to be very ugly

    1. Bill Hilliger

      Pay cuts for all remaining NewsCrap staff. Muppets like Paul Kelly, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt given their mediocrity would be overpaid if their salary exceeded $60k.

      1. [email protected]

        You’re very generous with the $60,000 for Bolt. If it wasn’t for Murdoch, he couldn’t even give away his tripe for free.

  1. Barbara Haan

    Does anyone subscribe to Foxtel? Certainly not me. I refuse to support anything associated with the Murderoch family. As for Channel 10, I never watch it.

    1. Bill Hilliger

      All patriots do Australia a favour do not subscribe to or support any Rupert Murdoch shitty NewsCrap products including Foxtel.

  2. AR

    I cannot shed a tear for anyone who ever took the mudorc’s shilling and kissed his ring.
    And yet those who cause the greatest damage to our common weal are still lucratively ensconced writing the poisonous mendacity that serves their Master.