Aug 3, 2017

Poll Bludger: is Dan Andrews hurting Shorten’s chances of winning the next election?

A great convergence has been under way in the four largest states, eliminating a pattern through the last three elections in which Victoria reigned as Labor's strongest state.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

There’s been no shortage of punditry lately concerning the bleak prospects for Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership, which have been given another spur this week by suggestions that the Liberal Party’s same-sex marriage crisis could usher it into its terminal phase.


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9 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: is Dan Andrews hurting Shorten’s chances of winning the next election?

  1. klewso

    Is Rupert grooming Casper? While Turnbull swings in the breeze?

  2. klewso

    You reckon Turnbull’s got a chance of landing Howard’s 2001 ‘Tampa:9/11:Children Overboard’ treble?

  3. MJM

    “The first thing that stands out is that the Liberals appear to be tanking in South Australia.” About water maybe? If I were a South Aussie I would be very pissed off with the LNP federally and in NSW over the Murray-Darling basin water thefts.

  4. kwikcounter

    I don’t think the premise of this article is correct. In the midst of a tyrade against the government, a couple of weeks ago, in the Herald Sun, the news was tucked away that the latest poll ( I think from Galaxy) showed ALP leading 51/49 in Vic. It will be fascinating to see what effect the ” dying with dignity ” debate does to the government’s standing

  5. Gorkay King

    Until we get a legitimate state polling this is, I think, mostly speculation. Victoria is also doing very well economically, which means it is less likely than places like WA, SA, NT or QLD to turn against the government.

    I don’t think state issues matter too much when it comes to federal elections. I remember people were talking about Campbell Newman effect in QLD where it was hoped Labor would bounce back federally due to state issues.

  6. AR

    What we face with bumBoil Shlernt is the most unappealing empty suit since Simon Cringe..sorry, Crean, though not forgetting Beezleblubber, … or mad Marky and… ummm.
    Anyway, given the state of the federal government,imagine what Labor ratings would be like if it had a leader who wasn’t an amoral, ideas free zone backed up by a bunch of apparatchiks extruded fromt he cloaca of the Black Lubynanka of SussexSt.
    If the Greens had self destructed, first by sheer stupidity in electing the Black W(r)iggle as leader then showing shedding 2 Senators due to the sense of entitlement so endemic in the inner city wanker brigades, there might be some hope come the next election.
    Me, I’d vote for a Neolithic tsunami to wash the eastern seaboard clean.

    1. The Curmudgeon

      Yes, it would be marvellous if Labor had such a leader, but Gough Whitlam is dead.

      1. AR

        Would that be the same Great Guff who turned a blind eye to East Timor and refused until his last breath to acknowledge that it still didn’t save him from Langley VA engineering the Dismissal?

  7. Lachlan Duggan

    I don’t think we should be speculating over what is happening in Victoria until we see some reliable polls, not some stupidly obvious partisan polls, one of which does not have a first preference result, and the other showing results which have literally never happened in Victorian electoral history (30.2% for LABOR? Really, REALLY?!).

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