Oh, shit. Pete Evans has a new movie out; one that makes the claim that “food is medicine” and that tragic and common disorders like Alzheimer’s can be undone by the power of leafy greens. I could do as I have hitherto done and spend the day on the phone to biochemistry departments in the effort to understand how Evans’ foundational assumptions about the human liver, those based on the “research” of a “wellness expert” whose single enumerated qualification seems to be that she was “raised in a prominent medical family”, are demonstrably bunkum.

Or, we could all just give up on pursuit of this truth thing. In the present era, doubt has given way to absolute denialism and expertise is reviled to the extent that its opposites, like Pete or Donald Trump, are able to claim a peculiar new legitimacy, based entirely on their assurances that there are Things They Don’t Want You To Know.