Diverse senators from South Australia gathered the other day, in front of one of those stone standing statues of man-cats the Egyptians used to have. Oh no, it was Cory Bernardi, who couldn’t have been less happy to be in a room with Nick Xenophon and Sarah Hanson-Young if a bowl of car keys were being passed around.

But then, Cory had little choice but to be there. The revelations of the Four Corners about the rorting of the Murray-Darling basin plan have been so enraging to South Australians, caught at the wrong end of the river system, that no small-party senator could do anything but appear in a mob demanding immediate action. Doubtless Senator Tory Bernardi would be as concerned about the fate of the state’s water if he were still mid-fist in the Coalition’s Senate scrum order -- but it’s just faintly possible he wouldn’t be standing with the red-bench Addams family demanding action.