Aug 2, 2017

A postal plebiscite is a bad idea — just ask Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull thinks a postal vote plebiscite is anti-democratic. How do we know? He said so.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


As reports suggest the Turnbull government is seriously considering a postal vote on marriage equality, an article written by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in 1997 shows that he was once opposed to postal votes. Turnbull was adamantly against a proposed postal vote on a constitutional convention for an Australian republic, saying it “flies in the face of Australian democratic values”.


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3 thoughts on “A postal plebiscite is a bad idea — just ask Malcolm Turnbull

  1. klewso

    “Lurch and his bright ideas!!!!!”?

  2. AR

    I had no idea that, having failed to even propose a binding plebiscite, that they would be idiotic as to consider this nonsense.
    Seriously, how much lower can they fall in public regard?

  3. margaret handasyde

    How much lower can THEY fall in public regard?. As far as it takes to loose the next election by a particularly significant margin. Hard to imagine that people who have attained a certain level of education and presumably are socially aware. People who would claim to posses the concepts of justice/equality are in reality bankrupt and self obsessed. Watch, wait and assess, people will reveal themselves.

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