Today in Media Files, the toughest newsroom in the country shows how to deal with uninvited guests, The Australian reports 100% of voters go for the Greens, and news media ad revenues just keep falling.

Territory tough. It's hard to imagine anyone in a soft, southern newsroom reacting this calmly to a huge snake in a video-editing suite. A Nine News Darwin cameraman returned to the office with a cuppa yesterday afternoon to discover a two-metre visitor on his desk. But while news director Kate Limon was still working on calling a snake catcher, smartly dressed program manager Alexia and sales executive Myk stepped in to catch and release the snake using a coat hanger and a reusable shopping bag. Limon later tweeted a video of the operation, taking the opportunity to sledge the NT News, which had a front-page photo yesterday of a snake with its head in a VB can with the headline "On the hiss".