Jul 28, 2017

Labor gears up for internal fight over abortion

State and territory Labor branches are pushing for elected members of the party to no longer have a conscience vote when it comes to abortion.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Labor abortion policy

State and territory Labor branches are slowly moving towards a binding vote for elected members on the issue of abortion, setting up for a fight with the more conservative members of the party.


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5 thoughts on “Labor gears up for internal fight over abortion

  1. Barbara Haan

    The SDU is as progressive as the Dumpster and Pence.

  2. Gary Wood

    Surely there is little downside here? If Labor is a progressive movement then perhaps the SDA’s views are best represented elsewhere.

  3. AR

    Interesting that the SDA probably has the lowest average age members and yet is the most unreconstructed – thank you Joe Bullock and the apparatchiks of the Black Lubyanka of SussexSt.

  4. Charlie Chaplin

    I know this is naive of me, but a woman’s decision to terminate or complete a pregnancy has what, exactly, to do with a union? Did they miss the memo explaining unions are about workers rights and labour conditions? Confusion over the different meanings of the word “labour”, perhaps?
    The sooner the SDA implodes, the better.

  5. Sean Doyle

    Oh no! Not the Shoppies! Not the union that is against women’s rights, LGBTI rights and according to many recent reports, workers’ rights. How could the left continue without these true workers heroes?

    Honestly, if the ALP had any integrity, it would have told the SDA to take its filthy lucre and sod off long ago.

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