Jul 28, 2017

Did Canavan’s mum sign him up for Italian citizenship so he could vote for Berlusconi?

The 2006 Italian election was a tight race, and the first in which Australian-Italians could have their say. Is that why Matt Canavan's mother signed him up?

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


Matt Canavan Italian election

The saga of Matt Canavan, the third senator to be entangled by section 44(i) of the constitution in less than two weeks, has raised many questions. Of course, one is whether it is in any way conceivable for an adult to be signed up for citizenship of a country without that adult’s involvement or knowledge. On this front, ABC’s Emma Alberici was unequivocal. According to her sources, it is impossible, and the requirements that make it impossible have not changed for decades. Less explored has been why anyone would do that.


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7 thoughts on “Did Canavan’s mum sign him up for Italian citizenship so he could vote for Berlusconi?

  1. John Newton

    ‘My mother made me an Italian.’

    ‘If I give her the spaghetti will she make me one?’

  2. klewso

    “Bunga Bunga Boy”?

  3. Barbara Haan

    Can’t wait to see how the High Court votes on this. I’ll join you JN and make lasagne for the Caravan’s mother.

  4. Marion Wilson

    Italian law recognises that Mr Canavan’s mother, who was born in Australia, has a right to claim Italian citizenship and apparently she has done so. Mr Canavan was born in Australia also has a right to claim Italian citizenship. Mr Canavan has never made any attempt to discard nor reject his right to Italian citizenship. That he did not consent to, nor was aware, that his mother applied on his behalf to activate his right to dual citizenship is irrelevant. The vital fact is that he did not himself make any attempt to divest himself of his right to Italian citizenship.

  5. klewso

    Now it’s Julia Banks?

  6. AR

    So we are now looking at 3 ‘pairs’ in the Senate? How much longer will Barnaby Rudge acquiesce to this thoroughly decent decision by Talcum when there are so many rorts, rip-offs and gNat obsessions that he would love to ram through?
    Dams you want? Another Ord River scheme? Turn the northern rivers inland? Just name it, you got it!

    1. klewso

      Why did they sit on it?
      Why didn’t Jethro come out, with Canavan, when they found out – rather than waiting and going all touchy feelly at that Greens discomfort?
      It’s not as though he would have missed the chance to bucket them otherwise – if he didn’t have some skin in the game.

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