Matt Canavan Italian election

The saga of Matt Canavan, the third senator to be entangled by section 44(i) of the constitution in less than two weeks, has raised many questions. Of course, one is whether it is in any way conceivable for an adult to be signed up for citizenship of a country without that adult's involvement or knowledge. On this front, ABC's Emma Alberici was unequivocal. According to her sources, it is impossible, and the requirements that make it impossible have not changed for decades. Less explored has been why anyone would do that.

To recap: Canavan says he was registered, unbeknownst to him, as an Italian citizen by his mother, Maria, back in 2006. The proximity of this to Canavan's father pleading guilty to fraud charges has been noted elsewhere, although no one has specifically speculated that this court case -- which led to the jailing of Bryan Michael Canavan and a colleague over a $1.6 million fraud against their employer Nestle between 2001 and 2004 -- was the reason Maria wanted options about where the Canavans might call home. But there was another major event in close proximity to Maria Canavan's citizenship application: the 2006 election in Italy.