It is likely that One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts was still a dual citizen when he was elected to Parliament last year, the embattled senator has revealed. He went on Sky News' Paul Murray Live last night to try to end the confusion (he has created) over his citizenship. He showed the documents showing he had renounced his British dual citizenship to host Paul Murray but did not release them to anyone else, claiming the "Twitterati" would manipulate them. Importantly, however -- in contradiction to all his previous claims that he never held another citizenship other than Australian, and that he renounced all citizenship before the election -- Roberts claims that while he did apply before the election, he didn't receive the confirmation documentation from the UK until December last year. This means that it is entirely possible that for all intents and purposes Roberts was still a dual citizen when he nominated and was elected. 

It will just depend on whether he is challenged in the High Court on it, and whether it is considered he took "all reasonable steps" to renounce before nominating (as set out in the constitution), even if it wasn't accepted by the UK until December. Given Roberts has been shown to have lied about this matter at every turn, it seems unlikely that it is about to go away quietly. Roberts' office has now threatened to report journalists who ask questions about it to the police for "pestering or harassing", Fairfax's Bevan Shields has revealed: