Jul 26, 2017

The retrograde sexual politics of Ten’s The Bachelor

Thin, white, pretty women who catfight and scheme to win the attention of a bland, Ken doll-looking man? What could possibly be wrong with that?

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Like so many love stories, this one starts the same, once a year. A handsome, inoffensive man chosen as The Bachelor is matched with a couple of dozen beautiful ladies who are all on journey to find love. They compete through each episode for his affection -- demonstrated with a rose at a dramatic ceremony.

Or, as University of Melbourne social and political sciences senior lecturer Lauren Rosewarne puts it: "Women catfighting their way to the affections of a generally underwhelming man."

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6 thoughts on “The retrograde sexual politics of Ten’s The Bachelor

  1. Barbara Haan

    Why people ever watch this tripe is beyond me.

    1. Peter Wileman

      That’s why there’s only you and me commenting on it. It’s degrading to any and all genders.

  2. Syd Thomas

    Retrograde – in astronomy, describes the orbit of a celestial body that runs counter to the direction of the spin of that body which it orbits.
    Don’t worry, Emily. A rose awaits you.

  3. Richard

    Tacky and trashy. Next.

  4. AR

    It always seemed strange that the megahit “If You are the One” from China, with its well known, dangerous gender imbalance had 2 dozen women competing for a single dork – it was always heartening that most often all 24 turned the ‘prize’ down. (I believe that there is now a reverse one being trialed).
    In the UK the current craze is The Island which has a similar format to Bachelor and it was nauseating to hear the number of otherwise well regarded women in public life who not only watched it compulsively, but several watched it with their daughters!

  5. mikeb

    It’s the same as the “women’s” magazines. Talk about empowering issues on one page followed by an article on how to get thinner on the next.

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