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Jul 26, 2017

Maybe Dutton made the right decision after all?

Crikey readers have their say on the issues of the day.

Mark Freeman writes: Re. “Dutton takes a casual 43 minutes to destroy two men’s lives” (yesterday). I usually have a lot of time for the considered opinions of Greg Barns. However his piece on the deportation saga of two serial criminals was rather wanting. Nowhere in the article does he explain how or why deportation was being applied for.

I’ve travelled extensively and have always considered myself a guest when in a foreign land. I can’t imagine claiming rights to remain should I be convicted of a crime. I’m regularly surprised that so many people are able to stay in Australia after many convictions. Having family responsibilities seems a poor reason to excuse proven bad character.

Perhaps these two men really were subjected to injustice, but I doubt it. Barns gave me no reason to think otherwise. I’m no fan of Dutton but it’s probable he made a good decision in this case.

Les Heimann writes:Australians are not mushrooms, and the danger of injustice and incompetence buried through secrecy becomes more apparent every moment.

Grand Minister Dutton and his minions are pitiless tyrants as well as liars if UNHCR officials are to be believed, and I have more trust in these people than in Dutton.

They deny natural justice according to our Federal Court, even if they rid us of undesirables; let us not allow an innocent to hang because of process deficiencies.

One would think that the Homeland Security umbrella is now a fading thought bubble. Impossible to be entrusted to the likes of Dutton.


The trust barrel is empty now, Prime Minister; Australians hear that hollow ringing sound devoid of substance and full of untruth.

How long before you allow your Grand Minister to spend more time with his family?

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5 thoughts on “Maybe Dutton made the right decision after all?

  1. Wayne Robinson


    ‘I’ve travelled extensively and have always considered myself a guest when in a foreign land.’

    I wonder if you’d consider yourself a travelling guest in a foreign land if you’d gone to that country aged 12, 29 years ago, and have a wife and two children of that country’s nationality (as applies to one of the men? Or if you’d gone to that country 42 years ago aged 7 (as applies to the other man)?

    It’s by no means as black and white as you’ve depicted it.

    1. Woopwoop

      Still, why not tell us what their crimes were?

  2. AR

    The issue here is not the criminality of the defendants but the process.
    To have such power in the hands of anyone who shows such contempt for the law as to claim to have exercised due consideration, when demonstrably he had not is asking for trouble.
    As bad as Dunnuttin is – unsuitable, incompetent, vindictive & malevolent – is bad enough but just imagine when, not if, an even worse creature one day occupies that position.
    As I wrote yesterday, Pastor Niemoeller had thoughts on the principle involved.
    We should speak out whilst we still may.

    1. Barbara Haan

      Yeah, won’t be long now before J Edgar Tuber silences us all.

  3. AR

    Why is the comment section again being mucked about, again – wot is it with tekkies that they just can’t leave well enough alone?
    After that strange beta(?) format on Monday, then semi reversion to the ‘norm’ but retaining the strange ‘notify‘ option of responses in general or specifically to ones own, now we, or at least I, am not receiving any notification of subsequent comments.
    On Tuesday, the few that did arrive in my Inbox gave no indication as to who was the author.

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