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Jul 26, 2017

Roll up, roll up, the George Pell media circus is in town

Not a journalist in Melbourne was going to miss 10 minutes of George Pell at a filing hearing.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


“Don’t you feel sorry for anyone who’s just here to get their drunk driving charge overturned?” I overhear one of the ABC crew say from within the throng of journalists, protesters, supporters and onlookers gathered at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to see Cardinal George Pell arrive for his filing hearing for charges of historical sex offences. 


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7 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up, the George Pell media circus is in town

  1. Wayne Robinson

    There’s no chance that George Pell will be able to clear his name. The verdict in any trial will be either ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. The stain will forever cling to his name. If by some considerable misfortune, Pope Francis were to die, George Pell would never have a chance to become pope. The other cardinals would never vote for him.

    I wonder about the use of the word ‘thrum’ in the second last paragraph. Is it a typo’ or is it a vivid use of a word usually used to describe an incoherent sound to describe a visual image of a crowd of journalists?

    1. mikeb

      “Throng” I reckon…..and yes I think you are right (not that Pell ever had a chance of being Pope).

    2. Charlie Lewis

      That was my intention with the use of the word thrum – this rhythmically humming mass gathered in front of the door of the court. But given you guys aren’t the first people I’ve had to clarify that to, praps I wasn’t being as vivid as I’d hoped….

      1. AR

        Nowt wrong with ‘thrumming’ – the visceral/corporeal impact of stroking the lower bass chords.

  2. RogerL

    is a historical sex charge the same as a historic sex charge, which this is, or does it mean that it is passe, not of too much concern?

  3. AR

    Does it show the power of prayer than the “heart problem” (lack thereof?) which prevented Pell appearing in person before the RC has been miraculously cured?
    More likely Francis cutting him adrift.

    1. MAC TEZ

      Big George’s recovery from ” a lack of heart problem” is indeed a most Holy Roman blessed miracle and is also God’s way of letting us know he is completely innocent , hallelujah ! MAGA ! Stop the #WarOnCatholics ! Amen.