Jul 25, 2017

Dutton takes a casual 43 minutes to destroy two men’s lives

Just how well is Peter Dutton handling his expanded ministerial power? For one thing, he seems to be able to decide people's fate in about the amount of time it takes to watch Law and Order.

Greg Barns — Barrister and writer

Greg Barns

Barrister and writer

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s new security portfolio gives him sweeping powers to impact on the rights of Australian citizens and those who are resident in this nation. Such powers should be exercised cautiously and only after careful deliberation given the impact they could have on rights such as liberty, privacy and reputation.

A decision handed down yesterday by the full Federal Court of Australia (Justices Edward Griffith, Richard White and Robert Bromwich) in which the court overturned Dutton’s hasty revocation of the visas of two men with criminal convictions and alleged association with bikie gangs, does not provide comfort about how Dutton might exercise his new powers.

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23 thoughts on “Dutton takes a casual 43 minutes to destroy two men’s lives

  1. The Curmudgeon

    Dutton “engage intellectually”? No-one will top that today.

  2. John Newton

    Discretion. Dutton. Hah!

  3. klewso

    Howard’s legacy was “Iraq et al” – Dutton will be Turnbull’s.

  4. lykurgus

    “attention”, “consider”, “engage”, “intellectual”, “discretion”
    My my, Mr Dutton, what a lot of new words we’re learning.

  5. JMNO

    Dutton has cancelled many such visas, sometimes for people with minor criminal convictions and sometimes for people who have lived in Australia since they were babies/small children, and therefore to all intents and purposes Australian even if they haven’t filled out a citizenship form. Just look at the number of character cancellations by Dutton compared to any previous minister.

    The trouble is that because they are ‘criminals’ they do not arouse sympathy and so Dutton’s arbitrary, unaccountable and harsh exercise of his power gets very little publicity.

    Perhaps now he can behave in the same way towards a much wider group of people, his small-minded, mean-spirited, ignorant and dictator-type tendencies will become more publicly known and the danger of putting one person in charge of a portfolio with such sweeping powers will become obvious.

  6. Lord Muck

    And who said that government could not work efficiently? Unfortunately, we can’t seem to process most refugees anywhere near this quickly, particularly those subjected to “regional” processing.

  7. Di Keller

    I have to ask, why is Turnbull giving this immense power to Dutton ??? Dutton just seems to be getting everything he wants ??

  8. mikeb

    Bandido Helder Carrascalao and Lone Wolf bikie gang boss Tomasi Taulahi eh? Bikie criminals. Yeah nah – can’t get outraged about these two getting their visas cancelled.

    1. Marilyn J Shepherd

      They are human beings with the same right to fairness and equality under the law as you. Simply being with bikies is no reason for such contempt.

      1. mikeb

        They weren’t refused for “simply being with bikies”. You should find out a bit more about these characters before assuming they haven’t forfeited their rights.

        1. mike westerman

          No doubt they are creeps or whatever: if they are in Australia and break Australian law then they should bear the consequences in Australia. This idea that citizenship is a right doled out by ministers is a crock.

    2. Marilyn J Shepherd

      http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/FCAFC/2017/107.html And you need to read how contemptuous of the law Dutton was in both cases.

      1. SQuinny1

        Thank you for supplying Marilyn. I came to Australia from the Northern Irish Police State in 1977. You could understand (if not forgive) authorities for making NI that way at the time, and my family had more understanding than most given that terrorists had killed several members. Australia was paradisiacal in comparison. I never dreamed we’d head down the police state route, replete with internment, summary justice and ministerial usurpations of the judiciary here too. Dutton is that nightmare.

    3. AR

      I think Pastor Niemoeller covered that.

  9. mike westerman

    When you are a cop or a Conservative, life is full of simple choices because everything is black and white with crisp edges. So when you are both …

  10. AR

    As noted by others, the idea of Dunnuttin being “… engaged in the active intellectual process” is beyond risible but, seriously folks, that classic Oz cartoon on the two steeple jacks hanging off a building would seem to apply, “STOP LAUGHING…!”.
    My joy for life was seriously compromised following a grauniad article claiming that a slight majority approved this spooks’ Xanadu (75% in the case of tory voters) but almost a majority thought that the only problem was the Minister – as if there aren’t even worse than him looming.

    1. klewso

      Some people are too scared to think clearly and ahead – that makes them easy to handle.

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