Today in Media Files, Media Watch has jumped into the debate on the ABC's so-called "war on Christianity", and the mass-withdrawal of ads from YouTube earlier this year didn't hurt Google's digital ad revenues at all.

Media Watch's take on ABC's 'war on Christianity'. The ABC's Media Watch has weighed in on a debate over an ABC report about the prevalence of domestic violence perpetrated by Christian church-goers. News Corp and Sky News' Andrew Bolt, as well as The Australian, have attacked the story as inaccurate and as misrepresenting US research that found men who sporadically attended evangelical churches were most likely to abuse their wives (and underplaying the flipside -- that men who attend church regularly are least likely to offend). On last night's Media Watch, host Paul Barry said the headlines the ABC had used had misrepresented the specific research, but that the investigation had been otherwise "compelling and worthwhile", and said the ABC was not waging war on Christianity, as has been claimed.