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Jul 25, 2017

Fifield’s diary revealed: minister preferenced China telco before big local players

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield held his first meeting with a China state-owned telecommunications company that has no big presence in Australia.

Mitch Fifield's diary released

In one of his first meetings as Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield met with executives from state-owned China Telecom weeks before he met with representatives from Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone, Crikey can reveal.

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5 thoughts on “Fifield’s diary revealed: minister preferenced China telco before big local players

  1. Paul Guy

    This stinks of corruption

  2. 124C4U

    Now wait and see if a Chinese Company buys another Port, perhaps Sidney!
    Thus creating a vacancy for a, soon to become, former pollie to become CEO.

  3. James Brown

    During the 50’s Asio and the Liberals were focused on the Soviet threat and its attempts to influence the Australian economy via unions and persons already embedded in the political system.

    Now we have sold major assets to Chinese companies closely connected to the Chinese political system. This appears to give these companies instant access to ministers and senior bureaucrats.

    To what extent are our representative aware that they are being potentially manipulated by organisations that have little long term interest in Australia’s economy.

    Why would a Chinese company have interests in development of Australia’s communications industry or its renewable energy industry? They want to grow Chinese exports to the world. They don’t want to have to have to compete with Australia world market.

  4. zut alors

    The government is ultra eager to assure us, the peasants, that our personal data retention is warranted because ‘if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.’

    Why does this not apply to everybody in a democracy?

  5. klewso

    Again, that bumper sticker of theirs “THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY – OR COAL – CAN BUY”?