Tim Worner

We’ve been trained to barrack for the underdog. David should always beat adversity and triumph over Goliath. We all wanted Rocky to triumph over Ivan Drago. No one roots for the German guy in Die Hard. Thus, it’s only natural when we all read about the Amber Harrison mess last December to naturally side with the single photogenic lady competing against the might of one of Australia’s biggest media companies and richest men. This was exacerbated as every non-Seven outlet naturally took a hostile stance to the allegations made against Seven CEO Tim Worner. The problem is, real life isn’t a Hollywood script, and in the Harrison Story, there don't really seem to be any good guys.

The biggest challenge for the audience in the drama was that there appeared to be a really obvious bad guy. High-flying Seven CEO Tim Worner didn’t even bother to deny the allegations that he had an extra-marital affair. He didn’t even deny using cocaine other than saying Harrison's claims "contain wide-ranging inaccuracies". But while few would defend Worner’s actions, and his behaviour might well have warranted termination, that is an issue solely for the Seven West Media board and major shareholder, Kerry Stokes. The fact that Seven chose to continue to employ Worner doesn’t cleanse Harrison’s conduct -- in short, this isn’t a Hollywood script, and it is possible to have two bad guys.