Jul 19, 2017

Hinch’s Senate Diary: I am not in allegiance to a foreign power and I have proof

It’s hard to believe that Ludlam would become the third non-senator to be forced to fall on his rusty sword this 45th Parliament. But I shall not be the fourth, writes Senator Derryn Hinch.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


If it was politically surreal to watch Scott Ludlam call a presser in Perth on Friday to announce his resignation from the Senate because he held dual citizenship, how the hell do you categorise Larissa Waters following suit a few days later?

For Ludlam, there were almost inconsequential throwaway lines, as -- in 24-carat Greenie fashion -- he revealed that, aw shucks, sorry folks, I’ve never really been a senator. Dual citizenship with Kiwiland and all that. Bloody section 44.

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31 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: I am not in allegiance to a foreign power and I have proof

  1. The diving swan

    Is a pharmacist a competent witness for a New Zealand statutory declaration? Section 11 of the Oaths and Declarations Act NZ suggests not.

    1. lykurgus

      Since the dates rather conveniently coincide with registration, and considering his eagerness to use Sky News as a source to exonerate Eric Abetz, you’re right to be suspicious.

      Pharmacists can sign stat decs in Australia (which MIGHT be enough to hang a Kiwi renunciation on), but of course he wouldn’t still have the originals… or at least, he wouldn’t have the originals if he submitted the application.

    2. Marion Wilson

      I believe that most pharmacists are JPs.

  2. pinkocommierat

    Is there a subscription option where you don’t get pointed to sel-indulgent waffle from Derryn?

    1. aliso6

      bloody oath, do I agree! Self-serving bastard ha

      1. aliso6

        sn’t changed! FO both Crikey and him.

    2. spicelab

      Hopefully alongside an option to unsubscribe from pontificating commenters who are never happy unless Crikey is 100% in line with their narrow proclivities.

  3. paddy

    Really Crikey? I mean REALLY?
    You think this tosh is worth leading with?

    1. Woopwoop

      Stuff we’ve already heard plus “I, I, I,”.

  4. electme

    Now that, I wasn’t expecting.

    1. lykurgus

      My money was on Mortimer

    2. zut alors

      The sensational ‘Nigel’ revelation almost made this piece worth publishing. But not quite.

  5. DJS

    Sometimes Derryn Hinch has something useful to say. This isn’t one of those times.

    Instead of his smart alec comments and tweets putting Ludlam and Waters down, he might have done better to reflect on the nature of the absurd section of the constitution that brought this about. Being a citizen of another country as well as this one, is no indication of one’s loyalty. Does anyone really believe Ludlam – or anyone else – would sit in parliament and vote to the detriment of Australia in favour of New Zealand. Our minds should be much more exercised by the commercial and financial connections of our politicians when it comes to assessing their loyalty and their impartiality in making decisions of state or national importance. It’s a great pity that our atavistic constitution simply doesn’t have its priorities right.

    And where is Derryn’s compassion for circumstances in which neither Ludlam nor Waters had any reason to believe they had a problem. Both came out here when they were babies. Waters’ parents are Australian and she was only born overseas because her parents were working there. Why would she have begun to think she had a problem? It’s easy to say she should have. But if there’s no room for the application of common sense – and there is sufficient case law to suggest there is – then the law truly is an ass. Derryn, of all people, should understand that. He did time in stir because he believed the law provided too much cover for paedophiles.

    And what of Ludlam’s and Waters’ utter integrity in choosing not to fight this in the High Court in order not to be seen as trying to game the system. By all accounts, there’s every chance they’d have been successful but they chose to show leadership and principle to their own personal detriment.

    Being too clever by half adds nothing to political and social discourse. Derryn might like to reflect on that occassionally.

    1. pinkocommierat

      Hinch gets off on this kind of triumphalism, and it ain’t the reason I subscribed.

      1. lykurgus

        Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m letting my sub lapse.

        1. MAC TEZ

          Many of us regularly question Crikey’s decision to hire Hinch and have pleaded for his removal.Similar shitful spiels are available for free elsewhere, I didn’t subscribe to read the rantings of a failed shock-jock and may well let my sub lapse too, enough already Crikey.

    2. DJS

      I am surprised Derryn gets a Guernsey on Crikey – it’s disappointing to see them use the closest thing to a shock jock – but I’d never let my sub lapse over it. I still think it’s one of the more useful journals in Australian political publishing.

    3. crakeka

      Absolutely. This law is outdated and inappropriate in the 21st century. Renouncing citizenship does not mean renouncing loyalty anyway. But the Larissa Waters’ case shows how totally ridiculous this law is in the modern world. NZ and Canada are hardly on the list of the “not like us” so popular with the right.

      1. CML

        You may care to reflect a little more on your opening comment.
        In just the past few weeks, we have had several articles in the MSM stating that the Chinese are known to recruit Australian/Chinese residents/citizens/students for spying purposes. Do you think it okay if one or more of these ‘spies’…with dual citizenship…is elected to the federal parliament?
        If we were only talking here about UK, Canada or New Zealand dual Oz citizens, things might be different…but how can you discriminate in favour of ‘some’ dual citizens, and not others? I think that would be a very bad idea.
        The Chinese example is just that…there are many other countries I would not want one of my representatives sharing citizenship with…North Korea for one!!
        It would seem that those who were responsible for inserting Section 44 (i) into the Constitution of Australia did so for good reasons.

        1. Will

          What does it matter of you’re a Chinese dual citizen spy or a bought-and-paid-for Chinese lackey like Sam Dastyari?

          1. CML

            That is a ridiculous and offensive comment…Sam Dastiyari has already admitted, and been punished for, his action in having a $5,000 bill paid for by a Chinese business man.
            I notice you didn’t mention ANY member of the Liberal Party who has benefitted to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars from similar Chinese business persons?????

          2. Will

            Oh, I’m sure the Liberals are in it for far, far more. And Dastyari too. And it’ll be millions, when all the property deals are added up. My point is non-partisan. It’s that citizenship is no protection against corruption, foreign or domestic.

        2. Woopwoop

          Well said. Which countries are friendly and which could be a problem will change over time. The constitution can’t pick and choose among countries it’s acceptable to be a dual citizen of.

    4. Charlie Chaplin

      Agreed. Dual citizenship bars you from holding political office in Australia but a Brit can dismiss our government.

  6. Terry of Tuggeranong

    Wy can’t we see a copy of Abbott’s actual Renunciation Declaration and why is the letter from the Brits dated early 2015?

  7. Ian Brown

    “Larissa Waters has been forced, for passport reasons, to pull the plug.” Is Hinch suggesting that Waters held a Canadian passport or is it just that he is sloppy with the facts? In my opinion, his snide comments on Scott Ludlam reveal the mark of a lesser man.

    1. AR

      Sloppy as always – she never held a Canadian passport and Ludlam never had one from NZ.
      As to allegiances to a foreign power…. remind me again who make up the supadupa ultimate spy agency, FIVE EYES which is claimed to be ‘a good thing’.

      1. zut alors

        Five Eyes, indeed, AR. You’ve hit the Achilles’ heel of the argument.

  8. Marilyn J Shepherd

    the media and others are lumping Larissa’s accidental birth in Canada to two Australian parents with migrants who choose to come and take out citizenship here.

  9. AR

    Nigel is certainly “… in allegiance to a foreign power” to the detriment of the common weal – his ego.
    This tawdry tacky piece is typical of why he became known as the Human Headline – high in hyperbole & hypocrisy and utterly devoid of value.
    Please Crikey, JUST. SAY. NO!

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