Jul 18, 2017

Harrison crushed, but Seven survives — for now

Seven has avoided updating the market while the case has been before the court, but now there are questions about its future now the Harrison scandal has ended, write Glenn Dyer and Emily Watkins.

While Amber Harrison will look to how she will pick up the pieces of her life after yesterday’s court ruling against her, Seven West Media will go back to fighting another battle — how to survive in an industry increasingly difficult to navigate.


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7 thoughts on “Harrison crushed, but Seven survives — for now

  1. zut alors

    Norman Mailer was spot on: you don’t know a woman until you’ve met her in court.
    It also applies to a man.

  2. mikeb

    Harrison took an expensive gamble and lost. I have no sympathy for her after learning the size of her initial payout and subsequent offers.

    1. tinman_au

      You mean the one they never actually paid her?

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    I don’t know what her initial payout was, but have to admit that she is correct in pointing out that corporate behemoths use the courts not for justice but for punishment.

    Whatever else, I can’t respect an organisation where disrespect and vengeance are clearly part of the culture. Noted that another uppity woman has been brought down, well done, you dragon slayers of Channel 7 blokedom.

  4. Peter Wileman

    I’ll bet the judge and lawyers had a good chuckle over drinks at the club later

  5. AR

    The legal profession is the 3rd oldest, utterly meretricious.

  6. klewso

    A completely over the top reaction – to someone turning over our sanctimonious hypocritical media industry (and probably not exclusively?) actually “works”? Kennett’s involvement the mud under that guard.

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