Jul 18, 2017

Dutton anointed, Brandis humiliated. Malcolm Turnbull has finally lost it.

Malcolm Turnbull has announced a home affairs portfolio, in a major win for Peter Dutton that reflects how weak the Prime Minister is.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

"Ten-flag Tony", Prime Minister Abbott was dubbed, as the number of flags behind him at his ever-proliferating number of national security announcements grew and grew; journalists began making bets on how many would be wheeled in ahead of every media conference. The urbane Malcolm Turnbull was better than that, of course -- the man who as a minister dismissed claims from his colleagues George Brandis and Julie Bishop that Islamic State was an "existential threat", the man who seemed too worldly, too self-aware, to rely on crass jingoism to bolster his flailing government.

Yesterday, though, Turnbull out-flagged Abbott, comprehensively. Instead of pole after pole of flags, neatly arrayed behind him, Turnbull announced that the government would be making it easier to call out the military for domestic terrorism incidents at what looked for all the world like a Call of Duty convention, with gas-masked soldiers, an assortment of rifles and other military paraphernalia, including an assault vessel -- any terrorist incidents on our waterways, presumably, would be dealt with vigorously.

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46 thoughts on “Dutton anointed, Brandis humiliated. Malcolm Turnbull has finally lost it.

  1. Da Talbot

    “unable to resist the demands of the man who is seen as a likely successor to him.”
    Please, no!

  2. old greybearded one

    I despise ministers who line up with Khaki or Air Force blue. This is ten times worse. Making Dutton such a powerful man is disgraceful, he is nothing more than a Qld bullyman copper. Turnbull should resign. We run the risk of our coppers thinking they are the SAS and vice versa. This leads to too many shootings of the innocent and totalitarian thinking. Mind you the performance of the police in such emergencies has been rubbish, but it can be learned.

    1. Barbara Haan

      So do I. It was like an episode of Dr Who – exterminate, exterminate, exterminate. Humans will do anything to hang on to power and Malcontent will only make himself even more unpopular. Mutton is totally ill-equipped to lead such an all-encompasing agency. Malcontent’s brains have departed the terminal.

  3. tonysee

    ‘Dutton’s win is deeply humiliating for Attorney-General George Brandis …’.
    So, it’s not all bad then?
    Constable Stumble’s in charge now folks: feel safe.

    1. zut alors

      And there’s another silver lining to this cloud: Dolt Dutton will fall from an even giddier height when he loses his seat at the next federal election.

      Turnbull’s announcement with the ominous supporting cast & backdrop showed him to be a pillock. I now feel less secure than yesterday morning.

      1. lykurgus

        I thought pillocks were those little balls of fluff on old jumpers

      2. MJM

        Yes indeed. Tax deductible or not I will subscribe to any call from GetUp to help fund a campaign for Dutton’s fall.

      3. Lee Tinson

        But Dutton has a plan to circumvent the electoral loss: move the boundaries, of course. The plan has been put to the electoral commission, and it moves liberal voters out of both the neighbouring liberal-held seat and out of Wayne Swan’s electorate (???) to give Dutton the majority he didn’t have. This, folks, is Peter Dutton. Completely devoid of morals, ethics and intelligence, he throws one of his own to the wolves, and makes a safe labor seat even safer, so he can keep his seat. He did try to seize another (safer) seat, but his party wouldn’t let him.

        Best of all, if this plan were to succeed and we all vote how we did last election, the government will lose its majority. Great plan, Peter! Dumb as dogshit, in the words of one of his senior colleagues.

  4. Desmond Graham

    Turnbull states, 2+2 =5.5 -The Laws of Mathematics don’t apply in Australia.
    Turnbull states, Military force can be used in Australia against Australians , Erdogan is his hero
    Turnbull states, NBN – will be the better under his plan , Yeah – look at the results.

    The Kevin Rudd of the Liberals – without the psychiatric overlay- just suave incompetence.

    1. tonysee

      ‘The Kevin Rudd of the Liberals’? I would have thought that was Abbott, but I get your point.
      I fear that Dutton will end up being the ‘Frank Underwood’ of the Liberals.

  5. drsmithy

    Seems like now we need an “event” so Dutton can play with his war-toys.

  6. lykurgus

    giving the Schutzstaffel DHS gig to a pre-Fitzgerald-Inquiry Queensland cop who looks a bit like a registered nonce… I feel safer already

  7. Itsarort

    Unfortunately, the Victorian and NSW police response teams have shown themselves to be stunningly under-equipped, at all levels, to deal with real live scenarios. And the SAS have been training anti-terrorist 4-man teams since at least the early eighties and no doubt, much earlier.
    Australia has two options;
    1. Either the States fund proper full-time teams that have one job and one job only (anti-terrorist response),
    2. Let the SAS run it (and fuck the politics).

    1. Marilyn J Shepherd

      There have been 0 terrorist attacks in Australia, we jail young muslim men for thoughts only. It’s ridiculous the way weenie wagging little men in Australia say we need protection and then display their own blithering cowardice in the face of absolutely fucking nothing.

  8. klewso

    All too buy Homer’s “loyalty”? Whatever happened to 30 pieces of silver?

    I can’t wait for “Quahog(?)” to get back from his “leave” :-
    “Is that a gun in your pocket?”
    “No, I’m just pleased to see you.”

  9. klewso

    Next stop – ‘Turbott wrestling Pauline over a flag’?

  10. donhanoi

    I do not know the psychology of terrorists.. but I can imagine some angry young men viewing that lineup by Turnbull, boasting to themselves and comrades, “I will get through that lot.” It’s like the Haka, the challenge; it inspires hot aggression, not fear.

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