Jul 17, 2017

Poll Bludger: who will replace Scott Ludlam?

A hitherto obscure and low-order candidate has been thrust into the spotlight: Jordon Steele-John, a 22-year-old disability advocate with cerebral palsy.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Scott Ludlum resignation senate

What has already been a difficult year for the Greens suddenly got a lot worse on Friday, with the shock resignation of one of the party’s most popular and effective parliamentary performers.

When Scott Ludlam announced he had learned of his ineligibility to hold his Western Australia Senate seat by virtue of New Zealand dual citizenship, he became the third senator in a year to fall foul of section 44 of the constitution, which encompasses expansive grounds for disqualification that have been complained about here previously.

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11 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: who will replace Scott Ludlam?

  1. zut alors

    ‘Who will replace Scott Ludlam?’

    Nobody can replace him, he was a rarity in federal parliament. Rare because he warranted our respect.

  2. Allan

    I may be a psephologic illogic, but has anyone wondered whether the votes Ludlam has had in the parliament are rendered invalid and therefore also make the affected legislation invalid.

    1. Stuart Johnson

      Antony Green has commented on this on his blog, he says that the High Court has previously ruled that legislation is not affected by this situation.

  3. s_keane1

    Senator Eric Abetz was dual citizen in 1994 1998 & 2004 elections. Said he didn’t know. Should he return $s too? http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php/article/mercury-abetz-challenge-withdrawn

    1. Barbara Haan

      Most definitely. How is it this isn’t more widely known?

      1. Kfix

        Because no one cares. Because it’s obvious that Eric Abetz is no more an agent of the German government than Scott Ludlum is of New Zealand’s. Only a partisan hypocrit would make an issue of one but not the other.

        There are as many reasons to deplore Abetz as there are to celebrate Ludlum (who I think is one of the most impressive politicians I’ve seen). Why not stick to the ones that actually matter, rather than adding to the piles of bullshit being shoveled around by the likes of that contemptible Tony Wright?

  4. Venise Alstergren

    Something stinks about this scenario. It is almost inconceivable that Scott Ludlam had forgotten his dual citizenship. The whole thing looks like a Liberal party plot.

    1. Kfix

      Oh dear god Venise. What’s your theory? That they brainwashed him 30 or so years ago in anticipation of his political career, only to spring the trap now, years into an effective career? FFS.

  5. lykurgus

    Rather than pick on Erica Betz about wether he renounced his Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei membership (because that’s too easy, and the special snowflake is rather sensitive about the whole being-a-Nazi thing his extended family)…

    Will there now be an inquiry into wether Tony Abbott renounced his English citizenship? And will Scott Ryan make him fork over lots of luscious lolly ill-gottenly-gained that may not have been due while he was representing a foreign power may have been humming Rule Britannia?
    After all, the oily unctuous saponaceous Brandis had some very strong butthurt views on THAT VERY TOPIC just now

  6. AR

    Given the A/G’s generosity in forgiving the obligation for Day to repay the salaries he received whilst ineligible one must assume that the same will apply to Ludlum.
    Personally, I’d be happy for Gary to be nominated for the now vacant seat.
    He may, or maybe not!, be just dead strands of keratin but would still be head & shoulders (pun not intentional) above many of the other seat polishers.

  7. The Cleaning Lady

    “low-order” was unwarranted, I thought.

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