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Jul 17, 2017

World is fukt, take 2 ... Prince Harry's privacy breached ... Gerard's Menzies oopsy ...

Hendo has fluffed it ... again. And other media tidbits of the day.

Today in Media Files, someone has hit the wrong button at Fairfax again, and the UK press regulator has found that the Daily Mail breached Prince Harry’s privacy.



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4 thoughts on “World is fukt, take 2 … Prince Harry’s privacy breached … Gerard’s Menzies oopsy … 

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Emily, it’s always risky correcting pedants but on Vietnam casualties I’m afraid you’ve fallen into one of the potholes. I’ll take a similar risk by quoting Wikipedia (which happens to accord with my memory):

    In total approximately 60,000 Australians—ground troops, air-force and naval personnel—served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1972. 521 died as a result of the war and over 3,000 were wounded.

    1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

      Beg you pardon Emily, I should have read more carefully and found David Salter’s name before I too fell in the pothole.

      1. Keith1

        Yeah but I think DS is talking about conscripts, not total casualties including regular soldiers. (Then again, I have a great record as a glass-house, pot-hole prone pedant.)

        1. The Curmudgeon

          202 (conscripts, not regulars plus conscripts) sounds right.