Jul 13, 2017

Hinch’s Senate Diary: time for the real Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull should leave a positive legacy. Passing marriage equality could be it.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


Malcolm Turnbull gay marriage

He was the headline writers’ dream — and great cartoon fodder — as he danced on the Libs’ policy hot coals: Malcolm in the middle/in a muddle, etc.

If he’d stuck to the middle, as he is now saying Menzies always envisaged for his party, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, would, I believe, be looking healthier in the polls.

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4 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: time for the real Turnbull

  1. Duncan Gilbey

    For Christ’s sake, enough of this ‘real Malcolm’ bullshit.
    ‘if only’ he’d let same sex marriage come to a vote, ‘if only’ he’d take some concrete action on climate change/affordable housing/stagnant wages/power prices. If only he’d do something other than attempt to shore up his own position.
    There is no ‘if only’. He is what he is – a dud waiting to be ousted by either his party or the electorate.

  2. Barbara Haan

    Derryn, you forgot to point out that Louise Milligan’s book is readily available on Amazon. Even the Victorian Courts can’t pull Amazon off the shelves.
    Don’t forget to include Peta Cretin in your list of the ultra-right wingers of the Libs. She did/continues to do as much damage as any of the other nutters in that party. Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Malcontent has sold out to the Nats. He’s done so many backflips to date that I’m surprised he’s still standing upright.

  3. AR

    Why would Talcum have needed to sell his soul (even had he one) to the gNats to replace the Abbottrocity? They don’t have a vote in the Liberal party room.
    It was demonstrably NOT “job protecting” to grovel to the bigots & throwbacks of the right – by doing so he has pissed off the moderates and unaligned so your analysis is more the first two syllables than the latter.
    A pity that you didn’t stay away from the laptop a lot longer – I thought that at least we’d be spared these self advertisements whilst Parliament was in recess.
    Why, Crikey, do you still publish this dross?

  4. tinman_au

    I’m not really a fan of you Derryn (though I do respect a lot of the stands you take), but I really do appreciate these diaries. Thank you.

    I think you really show how Australian politics should be, local/state people representing their constituents, agree or disagree, folks should think about who they vote for, and Victoria could do a lot worse than you.

    Fight the good fight :o)

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