Jul 12, 2017

Matthewson: Turnbull just pulled a Credlin and reset the agenda

Malcolm Turnbull has desperately needed a way to reconnect with the moderate/progressive voters that once had high hopes for him but now have stopped listening. The London speech might be it.

Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

Malcolm Turnbull's conservatives speech

This week’s mini-furore over the Prime Minister’s Disraeli Prize speech in London is a perfect example of the media and commentators losing sight of the big picture when focusing on the detail. The real story is that Turnbull has a done a Credlin -- he’s reframed his political opponents and in doing so may have shifted the nation’s political discussion in his favour.

Being a political warrior, Peta Credlin is adept at influencing the media’s depiction of her adversaries. By reframing them in a way that minimises their strengths while maximising their weaknesses, the quarry is exposed to a new line of attack for which they are ill-prepared. While this was once done “on background” through a few chosen journos when she was in the Prime Minister’s Office, the commentator now uses her own public platforms to manipulate the media.

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21 thoughts on “Matthewson: Turnbull just pulled a Credlin and reset the agenda

  1. lloydois

    We long ago stopped listening Paula. When you look at the dinosaurs in his party there’s too much dead weight for it to be credible. On economics and energy they are on the wrong side of history and that includes Malcolm. You don’t support wage cuts at this moment in time if you are reading the zeitgeist correctly.

  2. klewso

    It’s Malcolm’s Party (he bought the naming rights – for $1.75 million –
    before the last election) he can make the house rules (along with rewriting history) – those that don’t like them can move out.
    That “sensible centre” – hard to judge when you’re on the other end of George Christensen’s bungy rope surely?

    1. AR

      The trouble with being “in the middle of the road” is that one tends to be run over by traffic from both directions.
      Politics as mall muzak?

  3. Gorkay King

    Another article about how Turnbull got his re-set, his mojo back, he is back on track etc. It is getting pathetic seeing journalist after journalist polishing a turd. I am starting to openly dislike journalism as a profession. It’s like they live in their own little world, no idea about what matters to people.

    All people will see out of his speech from London is more internal fighting, more talking about himself and his own party.

    1. aliso6

      weird article. No mention of why the PM made that speech; award for Australia’s diversity, all living together harmoniously; Australia’s non-discriminatory, immigration programme. Kidding, right?

      1. Rais

        Not quite kidding. A lot of different nationalities have made their home here and while no country is perfect most of us get along pretty well together. I say this as an Aussie Muslim. We get a lot of flak but it comes from a noisy minority. I’d rather be here than in any European country.

    2. Barry Reynolds

      I couldn’t agree more. Trumble has had more resets than a pinball machine and he’s still failing. When are so called ‘serious journalists’ going to stop making excuses for Trumble and this joke of a government?

  4. shea mcduff

    I’m sure I’ve read this article several times already in the last year or so.

  5. Marilyn J Shepherd

    What utter tosh, honest to god Paula, you really are deluded. No one cared what Truffles said in London, he should have said it here 10 years ago and a few stupid words getting a stupid racist award won’t change that.

    He still stomps on anything remotely progressive, he still jails babies and tortures refugees, he still abuses aboriginal people, the sick, the poor, the old and still gives massive handouts to the rich.
    Until or if he ever changes that whining about something Menzies said 70 years ago doesn”t matter a damn.

  6. grimace

    FMD how many more resets/brilliant plans/brain farts are the political class and the CPG going to give Turnbull before they realise that he’s a dud.

    If I wanted to read tedious rubbish about how Turnbull’s latest reset/brilliant plan/brain fart is going to be the one to unleash the real Turnbull then I’d go to the SMH or bypass the pay wall at the Government Gazette.

    I really hope Crikey chooses not to accept further contributions from you as rubbish like this article is representative of the copy you turn out and that’s most definitely not what I pay my Crikey subscription for.

  7. CML

    MORE Talcum crap…I wish you and all the other journos would give it a rest.
    Whatever you think is going to ‘make Trumble great again’ just isn’t going to happen, Paula.
    IT’S OVER!!!!!!

  8. Duncan Gilbey

    “The majority of Australians have never studied politics and are unaware of the major political parties’ philosophical roots”.
    Probably because the concerns of most Australians are: declining real wages, (un)affordable housing, job (in)security, astronomical power prices and reduced government services (to pay for Mr Moderation’s $65 billion company tax cut).
    Rome’s burning and you’re blathering on about the REAL real Malcolm?
    Jesus, get over yourself.

  9. Brett Forge

    Great article Paula. Trouble is there is no party in Australia for a progressive that doesn’t wish to be owned by the unions. I do agree with the others though that it’s too late. If he had a strong lead after the election we may have found out what he stood for. Sad for Australia real liberals such as Chipp McPhee no place for them here.

  10. Peter Rosier

    As they say, a week . . . but Paula, the re-set is important only to Turnbull’s own party of desperate incompetents struggling to find an identity which they are destined never to rediscover. How does this speech remotely move public perceptions of Turnbull? The public listened to the man up to the point where Abbott had achieved 30 Newspoll losses in a row and took over the reins and (as it turns out, foolishly) believed him. Now the only thing that will crack the nut of his party’s unpopularity is doing something – about climate change, about marriage equality, about wage stagnation, about tax reform, At the moment you need a membership of the Liberal Party to be able to listen to Radio Turnbull.

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