Media Files

Jul 11, 2017

Ten’s creditors revealed … RN religion editor exorcised … the new ‘yellow peril’? …

Turns out Ten owes CBS a bundle. And other media tidbits of the day.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, Ten’s creditors have been revealed, and it looks like the company didn’t have to be pushed into receivership. Plus: the ABC has cut its Radio National religion editor as its local content production slips.

Ten creditors revealed. In what appears to be a scoopette this morning the Fairfax Media tabloids had details of the creditors to the Ten Network, and they make sober reading. It’s clear the company need not have been pushed into administration and, now, receivership. The report reveals that Ten only had $129 million of secured creditors, which in a company with over $600 million a year in revenue seems to be too little to push the company into the corporate knackery.

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7 thoughts on “Ten’s creditors revealed … RN religion editor exorcised … the new ‘yellow peril’? …

  1. NiciL

    I’m sure it’s just some inappropriate spell-check but the Truth’s “reader problems” column was called Heart Balm, not Health Balm.

    1. AR

      I did wonder about that – I was only a kid in the 50s but knew there was nothing whatsoever healthy in the Truth.

  2. Anto

    “Are bikes ‘Melbourne’s new yellow peril’? Probably not.”
    Does the writer of this article even come from Melbourne? Probably not.

    1. rysiu

      thanks for saving me the trouble!

  3. Anthony Munter

    The “Yellow Peril” was a famous nickname for an “abstract, minimalist” sculpture that was famously installed and then removed in Melbourne City in 1980. Crikey, seriously. Have you got no cultural memory in your sub-editing pool? Or do articles just get published without any scrutiny? Yesterday’s issue had many Grauniad worthy howlers. Today you’re accusing fellow journal of unconsciously using racial slurs because of a lack of research. Pot, kettle. Lift your game.

  4. bushby jane

    I am not religious, but I used to love listening to John Cleary on Sunday nights on ABC radio. That programme got scrapped for no apparent or explained reason, hard to believe any assurances now given about any others not being scrapped.

  5. AR

    Those of us not familiar with the cabbage patch state might not have known about the sculpture but as an example of the danger of cliche & common usage being dployed without consciousness of its origins, it’s hard to beat the current pearl clutching in the UK over a tory using the phrase “nigger in the woodpile”.
    What next, will “something nasty in the woodshed” (Cold Comfort Farm) being deemed to be child abuse?

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