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Jul 6, 2017

Headlines from 2019 the Daily Tele missed

What other stories will make the news in the Daily Telegraph's dystopian world of a 2019 Shorten government?

Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph published a front page of what its dystopian future would be like under a Shorten Labor government. Marriage equality, more money for education, penalty rates for low paid workers. How horrible!

Here’s some other headlines we think they probably should have included:


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7 thoughts on “Headlines from 2019 the Daily Tele missed

  1. tinman_au

    The rainbow ones a corker!

  2. deconstructo

    Two thoughts struck me when I saw Telegraph’s original article:
    1) I’ve long held that Murdoch press should be put in the ‘fiction’ section…
    2) someone should write a similar article, dated just prior to the last election about 6 July, 2017…. It’d be a pearler… Turnbull’s Turn, maybe… the liberal party riven with divisions between the moderates and the delcons, ballooning debt, stagnant wages, a disappointing NBN etc.

  3. klewso


    1. klewso

      “Correction : Yesterday’s front-page headline should have read :

  4. Mike Smith

    recording devices like the phones we all carry. That bird has already flown over the unbolted stable door, today, let alone in teh future.

    1. AR

      “Just water flowing under burning bridges”

  5. AR

    Impossible to pick a winner though the first is a little prosaic and might give them ideas – of which they are so clearly bereft.
    A headline I would like to see, “Murdoch Still Dead!”.

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