Jun 30, 2017

Matthewson: Tony Abbott’s plan for revenge has gone horribly wrong

Tony Abbott was counting on a fifth column of conservatives within the Liberal Party to help him bring down Malcolm Turnbull. But the conservatives are closing ranks.

Paula Matthewson — Political commentator and communications adviser

Paula Matthewson

Political commentator and communications adviser

Tony Abbott Sniping

There was a point during Kevin Rudd’s war of attrition against Julia Gillard when his colleagues tried to blast the vengeful former PM into submission.

After Rudd launched a fresh attack from Washington, initiated by his resignation as foreign minister, a conga line of Labor luminaries denounced their vanquished leader in the most strident of terms. The sortie proved counterproductive, however, only encouraging Rudd to dig in further and feel vindicated in continuing the fight.

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14 thoughts on “Matthewson: Tony Abbott’s plan for revenge has gone horribly wrong

  1. Barbara Haan

    Unfortunately, it has all gone horribly wrong for Abbott from the day he became PM.

    1. thelorikeet

      Actually it all went horribly wrong that day for the Australian people ….

      1. Zeehan

        You could say it went from bad to worse. Turnbull has been a miserable failure.

  2. klewso

    The Abbott cabaal will be left out in the snow – freezing their wing-nuts off?
    … And three cheers for “good old Homer Dutton”?

  3. tonysee

    It’s a plausible theory all right, but I suspect that Abbott’s ideological cloak covers a wounded ego — something he has in common with KRudd — and he will not be dissuaded by ‘strategic setbacks’. He’s a fighter, in the mould of the (Python) Black Knight.

  4. cartoonmick

    My gawd, I just love politics. If only it wasn’t so expensive for the tax payers. There’s so much garbage on TV these days, but the Canberra Circus provides light relief for most of us. With so many egotistical performers in the cast, none of us can guess what the next chapter will bring.
    The circus also keeps cartoonists hard at work . . . . . . https://cartoonmick.wordpress.com/editorial-political/#jp-carousel-1038

  5. rhwombat

    Parse the disaster all you want Paula, but your Rodent’s party was irrevocably stuffed by putting it in the hands of Abbott.

  6. AR

    I love to see the torys indulging in self harm and this clutching at strawmen will not staunch the bleeding.
    There is no point just clicking your red shoes & wishin’ and’ hopin’ that the Yellow Piss Road will lead back to Kansas – when a creature like Dunnuttin is the voice of reason the curtain has truly been rent asunder.
    The straw man has no brains, the Korminator tinman no heart and the mewling lion no courage.
    The poodle Toto is, as always, just irrelevant when not an active hindrance.
    At least Snowy occasionally helped TinTin scrape Captain Barnacle off the ship of state to stop impeding progress.

    1. rhwombat

      AR: metaphor(s) brilliantly wrought, twisted and left lying in the road like caltrops for conservatives.

  7. gerald butler

    The attempt to bring Turnbull in from the cold continues unabated by Paula. Turnbull is a suave spiv not a leader of people. Jobs and growth, continuity with change,agility,innovation,tech agnostic,etc,etc; the smug,smart waffle of a man at the top with no agenda beyond his splendid survival!

    1. Zeehan

      The Turnbull experiment has been a giant failure. All ego, no achievement.

  8. Itsarort

    The Wing-Nut has no clothes; just a little budgie to hide his pudenda.

  9. Chris Johnson

    Abbott has moved beyond contributing to public life. He knows it. And its his fear of what lies ahead as a political has-been that drives his irrational vengeful self-destructive antics. Abbott and Rudd have signalled some of our political war dogs are much like defence veterans – in need of help to transition and adjust to normal life.

  10. Dog's Breakfast

    Nice theory Paula, but suggests that the LNP have the capacity for strategic thinking and tactical nous.

    And therein, your theory falls dead flat. There has been not a scintilla of a hint in 3 years that there is any of that in the LNP.

    But I do love the way the ‘conservatives’ want to throw nukes at every argument, and at the slightest scratch in return start bleating about freedom of speech. Their insecurities writ large, they embody psychological larval stages.

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