Jun 30, 2017

Live in spin: Pell’s historically rocky relationship with the free press

What George Pell said at a recent media conference was perfectly consistent with his attitude and actions with regard to the media all along, writes former Eureka Street editor Michael Mullins.

George Pell

Cardinal George Pell told the media in his short but candid statement yesterday that he was returning to Australia to "clear my name". He repeated that phrase, "clear my name".

That came after his double-barrelled opening reference to the media's "relentless character assassination -- relentless character assassination".

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6 thoughts on “Live in spin: Pell’s historically rocky relationship with the free press

  1. Barbara Haan

    Wouldn’t that be a great day, for Pell to embrace the media? It would certainly help his public persona in Australia. Unfortunately, his arrogance and innate sense of superiority have been against him from the beginning.

  2. old greybearded one

    I am afraid I consider Pell to be a Machiavellian protector of pedophiles and as part of the beatified John Paul II clique I have no regard for him. I have no religion, but was raised in the austere Presbyterian Church where the kindness of Christ to children and the importance of his example for us all. Where did this Jesus go to in Pell’s warped church?

  3. Peter Wileman

    Pell is either a poorly understood, arrogant, but effective administrator who is innocent of the charges against him, or he really can’t believe there is a higher being who will sit in judgement of him. What we have to be careful of, is making him another case like Lindy Chamberlain, where public opinion becomes the judicial system.

    1. Barbara Haan

      Very salient point Peter, re Lindy Chamberlain. Unfortunately, his attitude throughout hasn’t helped him one jot. I certainly would not be able to act as an impartial member of a jury if he was involved.

    2. zut alors

      It wasn’t initially public opinion which was hostile to Lindy Chamberlain, it was the media.

      At the time I was embedded in that industry & saw, firsthand, how editors were poised to frame & crucify her from Day One.

      1. Barbara Haan

        Thanks for that take on the whole Lindy Chamberlain affair from a journos point of view. I was living overseas at the time and feared my fellow Aussies were going nuts.

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