Jun 30, 2017

Victoria Police raise Pell, cardinal pontificates impending See change

It is a rare, if ever, event for a cardinal to be charged with a criminal offence, writes Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

George Pell charged

Since before his appearance last year at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and after, the George Pell case has been discussed passionately in Australia and widely around the world. Now the Victoria Police has added another dimension. A big one. It is a rare, if not unprecedented, event for a cardinal to be charged with a criminal offence. And in the past 24 hours, we have seen the Pell case jump suddenly and dramatically to a whole new level of clarity.

From Victoria Police:

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6 thoughts on “Victoria Police raise Pell, cardinal pontificates impending See change

  1. Marion Wilson

    The credibility of the Roman Catholic Church is at stake here. There has been at least one other priest holding high office (Belgium) who has admitted guilt of abuse but none has actually been brought to trial. Australia is the first country to actually bring charges against such an important person in the Roman Catholic church. The world is watching Pell, the pope and Australia.

  2. mikeb

    In the Australian court of public opinion he is guilty and even a clean slate from our judiciary won’t change that.

  3. bref

    I don’t know if Pell is guilty or innocent of these particular charges. But boy, talk about karma. From all we have learned of the church and its dealings, we know there was intimidation, cover-up, obfuscation and protection of the guilty, probably to this day. Pell was central to much of it. This is a cloistered institution, everybody knows everybody’s business. There’s no way a priest/bishop/cardinal didn’t/doesn’t know the paedophiles in their midst. This is not an honourable man and this is not an honourable organisation – it should not be handled with kid gloves.

  4. DanBIllin

    Interesting to see all media and pollies insisting he not be denied the rights of “any man”, while simultaneously providing unique privileges and treatment he alone receives in contrast to your run of the mill suspected paedophile.
    My bet, whatever the view of the Pope, his doctors will declare him unfit to travel quite *this* far to Australia.

  5. Dion Giles

    It is hoped that this man will turn out to be innocent of personal indulgence in the perverted crimes over which he presided – it diminishes Australia every time a public figure turns out to have assaulted children in this horrible way.
    He has already violated public standards of decency in sponsoring Abbott & co’s vile personal attacks on the woman who turned out to be the best Prime Minister since Gough Whitlam.

  6. AR

    We must wait for Pell to have his, many, days in court, if he turn up.
    If he indulges in a leisurely sea cruise, due to the condition of his heart (the lack thereof), around the Cape then beware the Kraken, by which I mean “don’t do it Kraky, he is utterly disgusting & highly toxic”.
    On a wider point, re Gonski, I wonder that there are still those determined to send their children into the clutches of such an institution, run by such men (NB) and even demand that they be subsidised to do so via our taxes.
    None so deluded as the religious but no surprise there, that’s the point of the whole con.

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