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Jun 26, 2017

Al Jazeera under threat … Aston claims victory … sketch tragedy in White House press briefing …

Political enemies of Qatar have demanded that news network Al Jazeera be shut down.

Today in Media Files, TV network Al Jazeera has been caught up in a Middle Eastern dispute, the Australian Financial Review‘s Joe Aston claims a scalp, and The Australian‘s media columnist gets his sums wrong. 

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5 thoughts on “Al Jazeera under threat … Aston claims victory … sketch tragedy in White House press briefing …

  1. zut alors

    Let’s be honest, none of the Trump administration press briefings deserve to be seen or heard.

    1. Paul Guy

      NO WAY, we need to hear what the Trump administration is saying.
      In darkness democracy dies.

  2. Janno

    Al Jazeera (whose English service has – I am informed by those who speak Arabic does report ‘differently’ to the Arabic news service) – the Saudis et al want it closed down for, among other things, its support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet the Muslim Brotherhood has elected parliamentary representatives in several Gulf states but no longer Egypt where they have been not only tossed out of Parliament but killed en masse by Egyptian security forces.
    Al Jazeera clearly competes far too well with Al Arabiya, which is bankrolled by Saudi and Hariri family money. As for Qatar supporting terrorism, ask Afghans who are funding the terrorist groups increasingly at large in their fractured country. And ask the Yemenis who is directing/funding the war there. Hint: the next king of Saudi Arabia supplied with arms by the UK and European country/ies. This tragedy will continue to be fuelled by the arms the Saudis are buying from Trump’s US.
    A question: how many refugees from Arab/Muslim countries have been sheltered by Saudi or the Gulf States? Answer: zero. The lame excuse was – as heard on Al Arabiya online – we don’t have experience in this. Happy to be informed, with evidence, if this has changed. Meanwhile the Middle East continues to smoulder and burn – and people scatter for their lives – with help from firesticks thrown in by an army of countries wearing different uniforms but all claiming support for ….. just what?

  3. klewso

    Why can’t the TV networks just get Melissa McCarthy to stand in for Spawn Scheisser?

  4. AR

    It was obvious from the moment that the Orange OgreLord blundered into the Saudi conflab that they would take advantage of his arrogant ignorance and the attempt to shut down alJazeera will have his full support.
    The last thing the autocracies of the world is a broadcaster who does not toe the line.
    Remember that the US seriously considered bombing the alJazeera studios when the Iraq quagmore was unfolding because it refused to follow the Hegemon’s script.