On Hack Live

Christopher Armstrong writes: Re. “Everything Hack Live’s tedious panel of middle-brow youth got wrong about ‘privilege’” (Thursday)

There is something to be said about the “psychological insulation” provided by being able to view your position as more advantageous (or critically, free of the inherent problems) of others, and the freedom from self-doubt or nuanced understanding of one’s social situation.

On politicians attending State of Origin.

Peter Price writes: Re. “Tips and rumours” (Thursday)

Surely Crikey knows better! Senators are as much MPs as Members of the lower house. I have corresponded with Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk of the Senate, about this and she concurs. The Constitution (eg Section 42 which refers to “A member of either House of the Parliament …”), supports this view as well. Surely the correct phrase is “MHRs and Senators” or, in short, “Members and Senators” where “of the House of Representatives” is understood.