Jun 22, 2017

How a media prank turned into an actual $5 Nutella cafe (sorta)

Did you hear the one about the Melbourne cafe that was selling teaspoons of Nutella for $5 a pop? Crikey intern Will Ziebell finds out the truth behind the nutty marketing.

Is the Melbourne cafe selling teaspoons of Nutella for $5 a media beat-up, a real pop-up shop, a joke gone too far, a satirical commentary on clickbait or a delicious trap for lazy journos? Well, yes. To all of the above.

In Tuesday's Media Files we told you about the online outrage directed at Spoonful of Sugar, a supposed Melbourne pop-up cafe serving Nutella and other tasty spreads for $5 a spoonful. Satirical Facebook page Melbourne Cool posted about the "cafe", and both Channel Seven and the Daily Mail published articles about it, replete with anger over "hipsters gone too far" without checking with anyone that the cafe existed.

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2 thoughts on “How a media prank turned into an actual $5 Nutella cafe (sorta)

  1. Mark Tanner

    A lot of work went into this article and it had a great punchline. Clever. Very Crikey. Feeling like a spoonful of peanut butter. Thanks, Mark

  2. AR

    I’m trying to recall the Crikey article on the spoof taken as real by the legacy meeja a year or two ago, something like “Melbourne has reached Peak Hipster”.
    Does anyone remember the item or have I reached peak dotage?

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