Tips and rumours

Jun 21, 2017

Tips and rumours

Five Eyes (shockingly) not what it claims to be ... former Barclay's Chief executive facing serious fraud charges ... who is behind The Mocker? ...


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3 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Mork

    An alternative theory on the Mocker, that would also explain your data: someone has fed a few years of The Australian op-eds into an AI text generator and asked it to produce writing samples that synthesize and replicate the content. Bingo!

    1. AR

      I have been more & more convinced in the last year or two that large amounts of what is printed in some newspapers (and almost certainly in mudorc’s rags but as I haven’t sullied my eyes with such excreta for many years I don’t know) is not the product of a human mind but a programme.
      It is not just the utter bloodlessness of the prose style but the infelicity of some of the word assemblages which suggest that no thought was involved.
      The same lack of sentience applies to preprogrammed pollies wheeled out to defend the indefensible and burn up air time but that is to be expected – the only difference is that those soft machines are paid bigbuck$ to be mendacious miscreants.
      I pity the poor machines, unloved and churning out acres of verbiage with scarce a drop of oil to ease its toil nor soft rag to polish the casing.

  2. klewso

    Why does The Mocker have to be a one-headed individual?

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