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Jun 19, 2017

Mail stealing stories (again) … Chris Kenny haz a sad … West v Aston …

The Daily Mail, proving that it has learnt nothing, is in trouble for plagiarising a freelance journalist's stories -- again.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, it’s feuds all around, with journalist Ginger Gorman calling out the Daily Mail for ripping off her work (again), Chris Kenny getting legal advice over a Gillian Triggs interview published by Fairfax, and former Fairfax journalist Michael West hitting back at Australian Financial Review columnist Joe Aston.

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6 thoughts on “Mail stealing stories (again) … Chris Kenny haz a sad … West v Aston …

  1. Barbara Haan

    Didums Chris Kenny.
    Alan Jones wished all the best for a fast recovery by Macca on his program on Sunday morning, so he’s got at least one ABC presenter praying for him.

  2. Paul

    Red Symons had to apologize, which is fair enough. But why didn’t Henderson have to apologize after saying that people with Muslim names and wearing Muslim clothes are treated more leniently by the legal system than middle aged white men?

    Clearly Muslims are fair game, if attacked by old white men, at the ABC while Asians are treated differently if the person is, well Red Symons.

  3. ralph

    If Chris Kenny has any feelings, they are only for himself.

    1. Zeehan

      Don’t blame Chris Kenny, actually. Gillian Triggs has form.

      1. Barbara Haan

        So has Chris Kenny.