On the Turnbull government’s financial management

Mike Westerman writes: Re. “Australia’s gross debt has crashed through $500b. Which is the party of good financial management again?” (Friday)

Australia really is in a hopeless position until we get rid of these incompetent rent seekers. We need pollies — particularly a treasurer and prime minister — who understand maths: that you don’t get consumers consuming if they have no money, and that those with too much money spend it overseas or use it to raise debt that the poor pay for through tax loopholes. Neocon economics is not economics, it is simply deceit and poor management, nowhere better illustrated than Australia 2009-2017.

On pro-coal Liberals

Steven Westbrook writes: Re. “Who are the Liberal MPs worried about Turnbull’s Clean Energy Target?“(Friday) 

These people are supposed to be the parties of business, but these members seem oblivious to the changing energy market, where coal is not the cheapest energy source and fewer countries want the product. I guess they have been emboldened by the GOP flat earthers. And to think that members of parties that profess not to pick winners and let the car industry go to the wall are risking a Khemlani style use of taxpayers funds with a risky coal mine project in Queensland . They also have members seriously advocating government assistance to build coal fired power stations.
I thought that power prices were supposed to fall when the “toxic tax” was abolished! Rising power prices are I suspect set to become a bushfire consuming Coalition support.
I wonder which power supplier will be first to go into receivership once the price death spiral gets going.