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Jun 15, 2017

Murdoch and Gordon’s brutal, secret play for Ten

The media moguls are up to their eyeballs in the mess surrounding the Ten Network, and now they are asking for laws to changed so they can get out again, write Glenn Dyer and Stephen Mayne

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4 thoughts on “Murdoch and Gordon’s brutal, secret play for Ten

  1. zut alors

    What a cesspit. It would be fascinating to know how this saga is being reported in Murdoch’s various rags…but I couldn’t bear to actually read one.

  2. bjb

    The only reason TEN, and any other FTA broadcaster, can exist is that they are allowed to use public spectrum. If the company goes into administration/liquidation, this should automatically trigger a forfeiture of the right to use that spectrum. As is it, it appears Murdoch and Gordon think it their god given right to have access to that spectrum.
    F*** ’em.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    86-year-old who lives in Bermuda and the world’s most controversial and powerful media family, which have given us the 2003 Iraq invasion, Donald Trump and Brexit, not to mention phone hacking, climate denialism, Andrew Bolt, Fox News and page 3 girls. And two lots of mangy underperforming and miserable LNP governments.

  4. klewso

    “FOR SALE – One printing press – going cheap. Ideal for propganda pamphleteering. Apply Murdoch Architects (tell ’em Malcolm sent ya)”