On the Manus settlement

Adrian Jackson writes: Re.”Immigration’s cruelty and incompetence has a price tag: detainees win $70 million settlement” (Wednesday)

Taxpayers are to pay $70,000,000 compensation to off shore concentration camp detainees in two 3rd world countries. This sum is similar to the taxpayers funds payed out to candidates in the last Commonwealth election, who got 4% or more of the primary vote, with most going to the two major parties — who were responsible for the off shore detention mess. The two major parties should refund their taxpayer election funding to the Treasury now and discontinue this funding in future. If candidates, and their supporters, want funds to campaign they should use their own money, be it for federal, state or council elections.

On Ten’s administration 

Mark Freeman writes:  Re.”Who really killed Channel Ten?” (Wednesday)

Are the wealthy backers of Channel 10 playing us for mugs ? As various commentators including Stephen Mayne have pointed out, the network is restructuring, cutting costs, has rising revenue and only drawn a third of its loan tranche. It seems more than coincidence to have gone into administration the same week as new media laws are due for debate in parliament.