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Jun 13, 2017

Michael West v The Australian … Guardian goes tabloid … terrorist TV …

Michael West went the full Godwin in his ongoing feud with The Australian over the Oz's hatred of GetUp.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, The Australian‘s campaign against GetUp has dragged in business journalist Michael West, and he’s hit back. And Channel Nine has been named in a lawsuit over the death of a man in a 2013 Melbourne siege.


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2 thoughts on “Michael West v The Australian … Guardian goes tabloid … terrorist TV …

  1. klewso

    What I can’t understand is how the residents of Conserviton Central seem so pissed off at the effrontery of “foreign owned and politically active” m.o. of GetUp! : as if Limited News isn’t a foreign owned, politically active entity, agitating, trying to influence perceptions, for it’s own political outcomes itself?
    Don’t they have mirrors in Conserviton?

  2. klewso

    Not wanting to belittle Dickie’s contribution, but wasn’t the singular Dickie despatched (to see what he could dig up) after it was discovered that the ABC had been rummaging around rattling cages for a few months – from The Curry or Maul, that was soft on Bjelke-Petersen?
    To cover their arses – just in case?

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