As UK “reporting” has largely had it for eighteen months, Jeremy Corbyn is every bit as fit to rule Her Majesty’s Government as a corgi. A Trotskyist corgi who favours unfashionable footwear, despises women and is supported only by morons. The anti-austerity politician is not to be trusted, as he doesn’t eat biscuits and conceals his ideology in a beard. It seems possible that he shot Harambe. Oddly, it no longer seems impossible that he will today restore a little political health to his Labour party, one ailing since the time of Gordon Brown.

This morning, I spoke with the UK author and journalist Richard Seymour, whose marvellous book on Corbyn I thoroughly recommend to readers with a soft-spot for bearded, entryist corgis who dislike mediocre biscuits.  Seymour has followed the popular rise of, and concomitant media spite for, the politician and notes that the he has become a slate onto which press projects its various phobias.