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Glen Le Lievre

Jun 8, 2017

Glen Le Lievre

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8 thoughts on “Glen Le Lievre

  1. graybul

    If wishes were fishes
    No plane would I ride
    Nor name on its side
    For fishes not wishes
    Damn hard to hide.

    1. rhwombat

      Bravo Greybul!

  2. jmendelssohn

    I just love Wonder Woman’s look of disdain

  3. klewso

    ‘The Perils of Pauline (starring Pearly White) — the story so far :- Snidely Ashby drugs not so poor Pauline with his Poweraide, then kidnaps her, dragging our stupified heroin onto his (or at least an invisible donor’s) plane, then he flies her around the country ‘fleecing Phon sheep’ (PHONdling) – denying all of it : “I was only helping her through the election fence Officer!” ….. finally she and Mickey Finn catch up with Wonder Woman – at the Aviator’s Club …..”

  4. AR

    I wish she were invisble.

  5. Kevin_T

    Not realistic! I can not imagine them both being in the same bar.

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