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Jun 8, 2017

Blaming one sect of Islam for ‘producing the most terrorists’ is idiotic

In the fight against Islam, Wahhabism shouldn't be our focus, as we unpack its origins and how it relates to Islamic terror.

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

We’re currently approaching the middle of Ramadan, the sacred and spiritual month for the world’s roughly 1.6 billion Muslims. Ramadan is a month of peace, generosity and abstinence. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be — in theory.

This year, Ramadan is drenched in blood. From Mindanao, to Kabul, to Baghdad, to the UK, to Melbourne. Islamic State (also known as ISIS) may be on the run in Iraq and Syria, but ISIS is happily claiming credit for attacks on civilians of all colours and genders and creeds and ages. The families of Kirsty Boden in Adelaide and two victims from Melbourne (including a recently married Chinese-born man and a 12-year-old girl who attended an Islamic independent school) are in mourning.

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7 thoughts on “Blaming one sect of Islam for ‘producing the most terrorists’ is idiotic

  1. Janno

    Thanks Irfan. A bit forensic in descriptions, surely no one could be confused … let alone the millions who have suddenly become experts on Islam.
    Ramadan Kareem.

  2. mikeb

    Interesting. Can someone explain why Sunni & Shia hate each other so much? I know there are theological differences but is there a political thing as well (Persians v Arabs)?

    1. AR

      The detailed debate about the number of angels dancing on the tip of a scimitar is irrelevant to those with no interest in religious delusion.
      Freedom of religion is one thing but what we need is freedom FROM religion.
      Let them suffer their derangement in private and not impose it in the public sphere.

      1. MAC TEZ

        Many thanks for the link Will, if only Crikey could replace Irfan Yusuf with a writer like Hisham Melhem.

      2. Will

        Most welcome, Mac Tez.
        I don’t see any problem though with Crikey publishing Irfan Yusuf’s apologias. His strenuous claim here that Wahhabism doesn’t explain al-Qaeda/ISIS I think supports rather well Hisham Melhem’s overall argument – which is that the Gulf State autocracies, the global promoters of Wahhabism, bear substantial responsibility (in conjunction with their US ally) for the proliferation of al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorism.
        So yes, Wahhabism didn’t create ISIS, but nor could ISIS exist with it. It’s somewhat like the egg in a sponge cake recipe: necessary, but not sufficient. It is very amusing though to watch Irfan try to demonstrate that there is no egg in the cake. I just wonder if he thinks anyone actually believes him.

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