Jun 7, 2017

Tony Abbott is helping the terrorists win

There’s a lot of competition these days for the title of Politician Most Likely to Exploit Terrorism in an Appalling Manner ...

Michael Bradley — Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

Michael Bradley

Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

In the aftermath of 9/11, it is estimated that 1.4 million Americans chose to drive instead of fly, because they assessed the risk of getting on a plane to have multiplied many times. As a result, about 1000 extra people died on the roads.

It is precisely this human tendency to miscalculate risk, focusing on the spectacular but extremely unlikely event while ignoring the everyday causes of harm with infinitely higher probability, which provides the calculus of terrorism.

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27 thoughts on “Tony Abbott is helping the terrorists win

  1. Robert Smith

    If we intern everyone except you and me terrorism will be eliminated.

    1. Rais

      Except I’m not too sure about you Robert!

  2. SQuinny1

    “When Adams and McGuinness had come to Downing Street for the first time, Adams had spoken about how Bloody Sunday had turned his community definitively against the army. And he believed internment had helped create the modern IRA. The British government’s decision to resort to internment in 1971 turned out to be a catastrophic error. The plan was well flagged up so all serious Republicans could flee, and Special Branch files were so out of date that the army found themselves seizing the wrong people and missing the right ones. The brutality with which they treated the people they did arrest, and the use of experimental techniques in interrogation such as white noise, sensory deprivation and spreadeagling suspects for hours, alienated a generation of Catholics.” Jonathon Powell, Great Hatred, Little Room 2008
    I’ll take the word of the man whose legwork really brought peace to Ireland over Abbott’s and Moylan’s any day.

  3. Ken Done

    So how many deaths from terrorism in Australia? (I don’t count family court cases gone wrong) And how many road deaths? What should we be putting our money into? Better road design?

    1. lykurgus

      About thirty, over the whole of Australian history. Last year, 100 Aussies died falling out of bed.
      I don’t have any road toll figures.

      1. Blackcat

        Suicide figures are even more appalling, biggest killer of young men, 19-44.

  4. Jack Robertson

    Superb piece. And not for the first time since 9/11 you can’t help noting the most striking thing about the Abbott, May and Trump ‘tough guy’ stuff (and it was the same for Howard, Bush and Blair): how utterly and successfully fucking terrorised they clearly are, personally, by ‘terrorism’. The response of the Murdoch crew is the same, all terror-frightened flailing arms and quivering jelly-legs, turning to water and screeching for Ever-Stronger Daddies to come save us, with every next bit of random blood-shedding. Pissing themselves, shitting their pants in public, howling and screeching and trembling and quailing, as if these grubby disparate crims with this or that narcissistic personal grievance against this or that imagined/exaggerated failing of Western Civ. are some kind of super-boogieman. More than anything else I find it…embarrassing. To be so hysterically scared, so publicly panic-stricken, that you’d start flinging about such nut-fuckery as special courts and not-internment…it’s the equivalent of that scene in Stephen King’s Dead Zone where the would-be Prez becomes so terrified of an assassin’s bullet that he grabs a nearby toddler and holds it up as a shield…in front of a hundred press snappers. Career over.

    Abbott looks the same, these days. He’s a loony if he thinks Terror-Hystericus Maximus is the guise that’ll resurrect a second shot at PM. I mean, you just can’t take seriously that kind of frightened adolescent hyperventilating, in the face of a genuine grown-up problem to be dealt with. Certainly not after these unsettled-petal tough-talking REMFs have achieved several thousand orders of magnitude of fuck-all in their seventeen years of playground squealing and cardboard sword waving. And Jim Molan, surely by now TV’s Numero Uno Military Rent Boy, is falling for the luvvie hysteria too. Maybe it’s something those ABC fifth columnists slip into the Green Room mineral water, kind of like a terrorist’s rufie. Stricken by the rationality & resolve fucker-upper of The Trrrrrsmmmsmmsmsismsismmsmsmssssssistas!!!!!!!!! , these strictly-for-the-telly tough-guys compliantly dangle the core essences of our way of life out to dry in the breeze, in the hope that it, instead of them, will take the bad guy’s bullet.

    It’s just…embarrassing. Fuck’s sake, spine up, you pair of sooks.

    1. Bretto

      Michael nailed it, and then Jack doubled nailed it. Although still have a sinking feeling we’ll see more liberties eroded, more survellience, more money down the drain, all for bugger all results as BK often points out. It’s a shame Mal mark I isn’t still about to act like a grown up…

    2. Decorum

      …embarrassing… adolescent hyperventilating … tough-talking … hysteria – these are all words that leap off the page of this, well, embarrassing, adolescent, hyperventilating, tough-talking (ooh! Scat and the F-word!) hysterical screed. Not as much capitalisation as the tone and content would suggest, though – need to work on that. Yes, Michael Bradley’s piece is superb. Yours, Jack? Not so flipping much, for mine.

      1. Jack Robertson

        All too true Dec, sadly. But still not as foul-mouthed as anonymity, eh.

    3. Bill Hilliger

      Wow! Michael Bradley a superb article; and Jack Robertson a excellent comment. It is amazing what unconvicted war criminals’ George “the hayseed” Bush, Tony Blair and our own Little Johnny Howard have unleashed, the T genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Still as long as these unconvicted criminals are safe nothing else seems to matter.

      By the way 90 civilians were killed and well over 100 civilians injured in Kabul by a truck bomb, unsurprisingly no two days back to back full-on commentary and analysis on the latest outrageous bombing, etc. etc. Nothing from Tony rAbbott or Jimmy Molan on the Afghan outrage; nyet! And if that had have happened in London?

    4. Marilyn J Shepherd

      Agree, my world war 11 veteran grand father and other diggers would roll in their graves over the weenie wagging excuses for men in Australia these days.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    The people to be interned should be Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson, George Christiansen, Erica Betz, (Eric Abetz) and all the other purveyors of rancid hatred, shallow morals and a deep wish to be in the news.

  6. Gordon Sharp

    And, as always, once a government claims a power or gives one to a servant of government, however described, it will be abused.

  7. lykurgus

    “Nobody understands why Man Haron Monis, the Lindt cafe killer, was on bail at the time. I certainly don’t”

    Because you can’t just forget to hand his record to the police prosecutor and still expect to walk out with a win?
    Or (given the number of contested bails that actually get up), the prosecutor took a shit on the magistrates desk? That’s virtually what it takes.
    Point is, it will be SOMETHING that makes sense to those of us who shun the flag cape. But the flag-cape-shunners aren’t deciding what gets reported.

    What I can’t understand, is why the Onion Muncher doesn’t like members of Daesh? Their profile is…
    Male, 18-25
    Reads “Islam for Dummies” and “The Koran for Dummies”*
    Responded to the “you get to blow shit up, and we’ll get you laid” recruitment ads
    Poor impulse control

    We’re talking “Bogans in Blackface”… stick a flag cape on ’em and you got yourself a Reclaim rally!
    So again Tony… what’s not to like?

    *(not a joke)

  8. klewso

    You do know Daredevil is blind?
    And Liberal stooge, Sovereign Borders hood ornament and “Bop the Stoats” shipwright, Molan, stood as a NSW Liberal candidate for the Senate ….

  9. Bob's Uncle

    If a goal of terrorism is “making a risk appear to be existential when it plainly is not” (which I agree with, btw, given the concept of “terror” is fundamental to terrorism), then there are unfortunately a lot of fingers to point in a lot of directions. It is more than a little ironic that media outlets show their patriotism and support to victims by feting the terrorists and seeking to scare the bejeezus out of the entire Western world.
    Trump, as usual, is simply the least subtle version of this – mocking London’s mayor for suggesting that people should “not be alarmed” by increased police presence. His aim is exactly the same as the terrorists – that people should be terrified beyond any reasonable threat. It would be great to see efforts to treat suicide attacks with the same sensitivity as other suicides – avoiding unecessary glorification/gorefication which can encourage copycat attacks and help the perpetrators achieve their goals.

    1. Bill Hilliger

      Yes its the meeja and the parroting muppets aka churnalists the terrorist rely on to megaphone their dastardly act. And of course, with all that meeja attention the copy cats are at the ready, unfortunately nobody knows where the next outrage will be perpetrated. The political megaphones blast as always “be afraid, very afraid” we will protect you. Another squillion for guns and security.

  10. Don Willoughby

    The only practical response is more manpower to police specialist forces. We already have so much prior information on most of the offenders but not the manpower to use it. More information collected en mass from the internet will swamp an infinite number of police. More manpower to utilise the information sources we already have will expand our sources rater than discourage them when we fail to act on their tip offs.

    1. Marilyn J Shepherd

      Another pathetic male response, god you blokes are embarrassing to this 64 yr old great grandmother, seems many of you didn’t wait in line for your balls.

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