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Jun 7, 2017

Crikey Worm: fallout from Brighton siege, pressure on foreign donations

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said parole laws need to be overhauled after Brighton terror siege, Adani coal mine gets green light but needs cash. It's the news you need to know, by Josh Taylor and Max Chalmers.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor



"How was he on parole?" Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said of Yacqub Khayre, the Somalian refugee shot dead by police in Brighton, Victoria yesterday after taking a sex worker hostage and killing the receptionist who worked in the serviced apartments. The Herald Sun reports that Khayre had a long history of thefts and assaults, and setting fire to prisons. The Age reports that Khayre was charged and acquitted over plans for a suicide attack on the Holsworthy army barracks, and he was considered a "peripheral player" in an anti-terror investigation. He was released on parole in December 2016, despite reportedly little belief he could be rehabilitated.

The Victorian opposition is calling on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to resign over the incident, but Andrews accused them of grandstanding, pointing out that Khayre was sentenced under the former Liberal state government. Turnbull has said that parole laws would be a focus of Friday's Council of Australian Governments meeting, and The Australian reports that the PM will push for uniform parole laws across Australia.

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2 thoughts on “Crikey Worm: fallout from Brighton siege, pressure on foreign donations

  1. Marilyn J Shepherd

    1. the man was not a refugee, his parents were refugees and he was a citizen decades ago – he came here at age 3 and it’s time the media all stopped being so damn shallow.
    2. he was not violent in any form until being locked up in heinous conditions in super max prisons on remand for thought crimes he didn’t even commit. He was barely out of his teens.

    Like Man Monis he was a man driven insane by Australia, and just because he was a muslim did not make him a terrorist. It amazes me that almost no muslims commit serious crimes in Australia but if they do they are all killed on the scene while Jimmy the greek is not harmed too much after murdering 6 people and injuring 28 others less than a day after being bailed for stabbing his own brother.

  2. Robert Garnett

    Parole is hardly the issue. One way or another these serial offenders will get out and offend again. They are the 20% of jail populations that are the real danger to society. Most of them are psychopaths. They will not reform, they cannot reform and given the ongoing danger to the rest of the population they should never be released. The myth that everyone can be reformed perpetrated, by defense lawyers, the church and other ill informed people is patently rubbish.

    If we didn’t fill our prisons with the 80% who don’t re-offend and took a realistic approach to psychopathy we wouldn’t be running out of room in our prisons for the really dangerous people.

    How many times did this current offender have to offend before the politicians and judicial system woke up that he should NEVER be released.

    I am not of the view that such people should be punished by the system. As any person knows who takes the time to educate themselves about the issue, people who are serial offenders do NOT respond to punishment. What they need is to be removed from society and closely managed for no other reason than to protect innocent people.

    No I don’t think they should be murdered by the state. I always say to myself “There but for the grace of God go I”.
    They didn’t choose to be like they are, it’s a ridiculous notion that they would. They should be treated decently and humanely in a secure environment until they die.

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