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Jun 5, 2017

A brief history of the unraveling Alex Malley CPA fiasco

For those who haven’t followed the CPA debauchery, here’s a brief summary of what has happened, largely based on the hard work of Joe Aston.

Adam Schwab — Business director and commentator

Adam Schwab

Business director and commentator


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4 thoughts on “A brief history of the unraveling Alex Malley CPA fiasco

  1. zut alors

    I never understood why Nine televised a conversations style programme with Malley – it didn’t tie in with their usual lineup & had a weird scheduling on Sunday morning.

    That the CPA paid for it to be aired now makes sense.

  2. Djbekka

    I always shake my head when I see this sort of story. I have been a board member of a couple of local NGOs and on the committee (governing body) of a smallish community group. When I think of the concern expressed by fellow members to follow the legal and in a sense moral regulation of these small groups, to grow the membership, to meet the needs of members or clients and other stakeholders, to keep up with changing regulations and changing contexts in which we were operating, I wonder what the CPA membership was doing/thinking. I also wonder why we worried that near enough wasn’t good enough or why several times a year someone has to remind a stressed out board or committee member to remember that we are volunteers. What standard were we holding ourselves to; certainly not those of the CPA group, nor in the NSW context the RSL. All I can say is, ‘ASIC, get a wriggle on!’

    1. michael l

      They changed the election rules so that the board effectively appoints itself.

  3. AR

    It seems appropriate that Chris Smith on 2GB has a weekly segment with Malley in which the great man opines on such weighty matters as overpaid workers and the need for cuts to penalty rates.
    The title, Smithy’s Deplorables seems entirely appropriate as he was defending his modest remuneration on Friday last (download available) .